Anthesis is a global sustainability services and solutions consultancy. We're founded on the true belief that commercial success and sustainability go hand in hand. We develop financially-driven sustainability strategies, underpinned by technical experience and delivered by innovative teams across the world.

Stuart McLachlan Anthesis CEO

We recognize the power of business to change the world. When sustainable lifestyles, products and business models are aligned with commercial value drivers, we see great results. Similarly we support government and publicly-funded bodies to work in partnerships as the needs of policy makers and businesses converge.

"Our solutions are technically clever, but where we stand out is in our understanding of client needs and in our shared determination to reduce risk, increase resilience, realise opportunity and deliver truly sustainable organizations."

 Stuart McLachlan, Chief Executive Officer 

Our Approach

From strategy to implementation, we offer an unrivalled spread of services to help you achieve your goals. We take our name from the Greek word “anthesis”, the lifecycle stage of a plant when it is most productive.


The flowering period of a plant, from the opening of the flower bud.

Sustainability is now at that exciting stage of flourishing - it has grown up and into the mainstream. Our aim is to help you go beyond compliance by integrating sustainability with your core business goals. We have deep roots in sustainability – and our aim is to help you thrive and prosper.

If you want to reduce risk, develop resilience and embrace opportunity, we’d love to work with you. We bring together pioneering 'thinkers and doers” from across continents, to offer you a unique combination of commercial relevance, technical depth and global reach.

  • Commercial relevance - Designing and delivering the outcomes you need to boost your business performance. Driving environmental, economic and social change by creating shared value. Our solutions give you a sustainable return on investment.
  • Technical depth and experience - Managing your data to help you make evidence-based business decisions and providing cutting edge solutions at scale. We'll benchmark your performance today to help you visualise a better tomorrow.
  • Specialist and global service - Our passionate, committed teams offer exceptional client care across the globe. Wherever you are on your quest to  sustainability, our support, expertise and experience will move you forward.