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Building productive, lasting relationships with clients, whilst supporting them to achieve their sustainability goals, is at the heart of our approach. With clients spanning all industry sectors, and from start-ups to corporate multinationals like Coca-Cola, Tesco, and RB, here are some of their comments.

"Anthesis have been excellent partners with their concentration on technical excellence and offering top client value. They are environmental experts, big enough to provide global services but small enough to provide the independence and agility that provides great results."
Darrell Stickler
Global Environment / Sustainability Lead, Cisco
“The challenge with this type of project [materiality assessment] is to find the right partner that instinctively understands what is needed, and can deliver efficiently against the project brief. Anthesis’ way of working and communicating enabled us to execute the project on time, on budget, and to an excellent standard”
Julian Lings
Sustainability Manager, The North Face
"We partnered with industry expert Anthesis to ensure we could meet the rigorous requirements of an SBTi-approved goal for Scope 3 emissions. With Anthesis’ guidance, we were able to footprint our current Scope 3 impact as well as model out all the underlying initiatives and activities that will help us achieve our 2030 target."
Former VP of Corporate Responsibility, Target

“Anthesis has acted as an extension of our internal team – effectively guiding us throughout our sustainability journey, taking into account our unique business drivers, company culture, goals and objectives. Their expertise and partnership have been instrumental to our ongoing progress”                                        

Former Director of Corporate Services, Alliance Data

“We commissioned Anthesis to build a tool to manage and analyze data across the portfolio and build the business case for programmes of ECMs. What we received was a detailed and comprehensive carbon management tool. The commitment to delivering this project has been nothing short of remarkable and the tool will, I’m sure, be used by Unite for years to come in pursuit of our carbon reduction targets.”

Gareth Chaplin
Energy Efficiency Technical Solutions Manager, Unite Students

"Anthesis supported us in the preparation of our 2018 Integrated Report and in the development of the materiality analysis of Roche Colombia. Their experience and knowledge were key to allowing us to focus on the most important issues for our company and stakeholders, and helped them [our stakeholders]  understand our advances in environmental, economic, social and good corporate governance."

Alejandro Wilches
Corporate Social Responsibility Leader, Roche Colombia
"It was a joy working with Anthesis. They provided a wealth of experience in enabling us to understand the nuances of the metrics so that we could put our best foot forward in our sustainability report. In short, I give Anthesis my highest recommendation as a Corporate Responsibility partner and publisher, and I would not hesitate to work with them again."
Vice President, Leading North American Technology Firm
johnson and johnson

“J&J has been a proud member of Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) since 2007 and our decade of membership has been a vital component of our product stewardship strategy. The meetings help us benchmark against other organizations, share best practices, and prepare for emerging trends and issues, and the PSRT Leadership Framework has supported J&J in our path towards more fully institutionalizing sustainability across the organization.”

Al Iannuzzi
Senior Director Product Stewardship, Johnson & Johnson
guess round

“We started working with Anthesis in 2017, when they helped to write and produce our CSR report. Since then, we have collaborated on a pilot chemical management project with our key denim mills. I've worked with several teams and individuals within Anthesis and have been continually impressed by the quality and concerted effort they put into delivering value to our business through our sustainability programs.” 

Jaclyn Allen
Director of Corporate Sustainability, GUESS?, Inc 
brs thermea sqUARE

“Anthesis has been an integral part of our sustainability journey and have provided us with continuous guidance and support. Their structured approach has helped make sustainability central to business decisions and operations. Their know-how and best-practice expertise across multiple sectors have ensured high quality outcomes and remain key in allowing us to realize the Group’s sustainability ambitions.”

José Antonio Perez
Group Marketing Manager, BDR Thermea


“Anthesis has been instrumental in helping us quantify our carbon footprint and understand where our biggest opportunities lie over the years. This long-term support has allowed us to reach carbon neutrality and maintain our status as the UK’s most ethical water brand – an essential part of what Belu stands for.”

Nolan Wright
Head of Operations, Belu Water
neste round
“We wanted the ESG screen as we were keen understand the definition of ESG and to see the criteria you would be using. We were also interested to see how others would view us through this lens. The Anthesis screen provided us a with a “mirror”. The value to Neste was that it confirmed we are on a right track to addressing ESG issues. It also helped us to identify some potential improvement opportunities, several of which we are working on, and others that warrant further evaluation.”

“Aritzia initially worked with Anthesis to set our environment baseline – which highlighted the areas to focus on in our sustainability strategy. Part of this process included using RiskHorizon™ to assess where and what the likely risks are in our raw material supply chains. We look forward to continuing collaborating with the apparel team to support our objectives.”

Corporate Responsibility Director, Aritzia

Tesco logo square

"Anthesis have been collaborating with Tesco for the last few years. Among a range of projects, Anthesis have supported and facilitated the Supplier Network Platform, which promotes communication and stimulates discussion and knowledge sharing between Tesco and our suppliers."

Carmen Chan
Senior Sustainability and Fabric Manager, F&F (Tesco)

“The saying ‘if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it’ is as true as ever when it comes to combating CO2 emissions. It’s FIRA’s aim to make carbon accounting as easy as possible so that others can concentrate on reducing their footprint. No more spreadsheets or struggling to find conversion factors, the Furniture Footprinter™ tool provides a full web-based solution backed up by the experience of Europe’s leading footprint specialists.”

Bruce Lovell
Consultant, FIRA
incpen logo square

“Anthesis has a solid track record of contributing meaningfully to the advancement of the 'resource management' sector through the work it delivers for governments, businesses and other high profile clients.”

Paul Vanston
basf logo

“The Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) offers a unique opportunity to dialogue with and learn from sustainability leaders across various industries, leading to diverse and valuable sharing. Current as well as future issues are addressed, which make the PSRT both practical and strategic.”

3m logo
“The combined expertise of Anthesis and the product sustainability leaders from a broad spectrum of global businesses makes the Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) invaluable as a networking, learning and best practice sharing environment. Highly recommended!”
Whirlpool round logo

“When we had to decide which memberships to keep for the year, Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) was at the top of my list! We find PSRT discussions very valuable and use the Leadership Framework to inform our objectives each year.”

Roberta Bernasconi
Sustainability Leader EMEA,
network homes

“The insulation works were carried out to a high quality and the feedback from residents has been very positive. Our dedicated project manager coordinated all communication with the contractors and was supportive and flexible to work with. I would happily recommend Anthesis to others.” 

Suraj Shah
Head of Strategic Asset Management, Network Homes
network rail

"Our ability to translate strategy into meaningful outcomes has been fully recognized and appreciated by the client: Simply put, we would not have been able to do it without Anthesis Group."

Patrick Cawley
Principal Programme Sponsor, Network Rail

“Our best in class new tool enables us to make decisions quickly before product designs are locked in so we have confidence we’re going in the right direction. We’re spending much less time measuring and more time driving change.”

Jennifer Duran
Global Head of Sustainable Innovation, RB
stanley black and decker

“Working with the Product Sustainability Round Table (PSRT) allows us to network with industry leading peers and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of sustainability. To succeed, it is imperative that we stay ahead of the curve and PSRT membership supports us in this endeavor.”

Dan Fitzgerald
Product Sustainability Manager, Stanley Black and Decker

"Viresco Solutions is delighted to once again be partnering with Anthesis / Lavola on an important agricultural GHG mitigation project. We are assisting Cuba in assessing and reducing its livestock emissions to help combat climate change, improve livelihoods and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals."

Candace Vinke
Sustainability Development Director, Viresco Solutions

Anthesis have provided practical and sound assistance, support and advice to deliver real-world technical solutions from inception to completion”

Tim Ingram
Property Improvement Manager, Housing & Care 21

Spotlight Case Studies

Chemicals management in the retail sector


Target wanted to develop a progressive chemicals policy that would differentiate the company as a leader amongst their peers and with their customers, and to define a strategy for current and future business practice. 


Anthesis assisted Target with the development of a comprehensive retail chemical strategy that includes not only the products on store shelves, but goes beyond to address the entire value chain and operations. 


Having developed the chemical policy, Anthesis is now partnered with Target on the implementation phase of the project. 

“This announcement is a huge win for consumer transparency and we’re thrilled that Target is taking this step. It’s a forward-thinking policy like this that will drive industry change, ensuring that the health of our planet and its people are never compromised for profit” - John Replogle, Seventh Generation, CEO 


Materiality assessment

the north face logoSituation

The North Face wanted to achieve two objectives: to understand how their stakeholders and staff view the brand’s sustainability position in relation to their competitors and understand their thoughts on where they should focus; to bring these insights together and show how they could inform future strategy.


Anthesis conducted a materiality assessment to identify the ESG issues that matter most to the future sustainability of The North Face. We did this via benchmarking, desk research, interviews with internal and external stakeholders and a staff survey. We also developed alternative names, narratives and goals showing how the most material issues could be taken forward into a strategy.


The North Face is using the materiality assessment and strategy pathways as inputs to the development of a refreshed sustainability strategy during 2016


Valuing inland waters in Stockholm


The City of Stockholm’s Environment and Health Administration wanted to understand the economic value of achieving good water quality in all inland waters in the city. The client was also interested in the relationship between the costs of necessary measures to reach good water quality, and the resulting benefits. 


Anthesis Enveco provided a monetary valuation of all benefits associated with these waters. We carried out a large scale, web-based survey targeted at the general public of Stockholm. From this, we used established valuation methodology to estimate the monetary benefits of improving water quality, versus the costs of the interventions needed to achieve it.


Garnering media attention in Sweden, our calculations estimated that the total economic value of reaching good water quality in all the waters of Stockholm is SEK 2.5 – 2.8 billion (£230-260m), while the cost of necessary measures to achieve this is estimated to be SEK 1 billion (£92m). Given that the benefits are significantly greater that the costs, there are strong indications that these measures will be socio-economically profitable. 


ESG risk and opportunity assessment 

neste roundSituation

Neste Corporation was looking to adopt a pragmatic approach to ESG risk and opportunity management, appropriate to the geographic scale of the organization, its business activities, and overall strategic objectives.


Anthesis conducted an ESG assessment to explore the importance of specific factors to the individual markets and geographies where Neste Corporation operates. We mapped key areas of vulnerability to the management systems within Neste, designed to mitigate these risks. We applied these insights to shape an improved understanding of the opportunities for proactively managing ESG risk and enabling recognition of existing good practices through improved disclosure and a set of practical recommendations to improve ESG performance.


The assessment provided Neste with the ability to pinpoint ESG issues with the greatest potential for value creation associated with improved sustainability performance. We also helped highlight the potential for Neste to further leverage ‘big data’ to provide tangible solutions. For the CSR team, we were able to consider the challenges and opportunities linked to circular economy thinking. 


Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance


The client’s portfolio of 138 student accommodation buildings needed to comply with the ESOS, a mandatory energy assessment scheme for large organizations in the UK. The client also wanted to consider their wider obligations, tying ESOS compliance in with Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) compliance.


A stock-modelling approach was adopted grouping the client’s properties into five archetypes. Detailed site surveys were conducted on each of the archetypes and appropriate measures to improve energy efficiency were identified and extrapolated across the portfolio. 


Approximately £150 million in lifetime savings were identified. The methodical approach adopted in obtaining this figure has also allowed the client’s Energy and Environment team to present a robust business case for executive approval, placing carbon and energy savings at the centre of their operational activity. 


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