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Anthesis hosts both online webinars and in-person gatherings. We’d be delighted if you can join us at one of our upcoming events. Please check back regularly for upcoming sessions.

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Breakfast Event: Sustainable Development Goals - Authenticity vs Virtue Signalling

Wednesday 6th February, 8:30am - 11am GMT, Central London Location

In the three years since world leaders adopted the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, companies of all sizes have started talking about their contribution, in particular aligning and mapping the goals to their business. But beyond this virtue signalling, what meaningful action can businesses taken - and how should they communicate it?

The goals present an opportunity for businesses to tell an authentic story about the broader impacts they're having. But how far can a business go? Can they simultaneously respond to the SDGs and market pressures? Can they claim a significant, quantified contribution to the massive challenges the goals aim to tackle? And how much do investors care about the SDGs and business' response to them?

To understand more on how you can contribute most effectively for your business, save your spot at our breakfast event where we’ll attendees will be discussing:

  • Beyond mapping - How should businesses contribute to the SDGs?
  • Being realistic - How do we deal with negative impacts?
  • Taking meaningful actions - How can we contextualise, quantify and verify businesses contribution?
  • Stakeholder pressure - What role can investors play?

Contact Alex McKay ( to reserve your space. Spaces are limited and will be given on a first come, first served basis.

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