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About our Germany Sustainability Consultancy

Through our operations in Germany, we provide Sustainability, Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) support at a strategic and operational level. Our experienced team of sustainability consultants specializes in designing and delivering EHS/ESG compliance and assurance programs, management system implementation aligned with established international standards, transaction services (Environmental Due Diligence) and selected managed services, underpinned by bespoke software and systems solutions.

Our team is well versed in applicable EHS regulations in various jurisdictions and experienced in working on multi-country projects. Wherever our clients operate, we can provide solutions through our team of experts and local representatives.

Our services

With our EHS and ESG offerings, we provide assurance to our clients that legal and other requirements are being addressed appropriately, including within your supply chain. When designing such programs, we typically deliver along the entire chain, from research of related regulations through to undertaking audits and reporting on the findings, including cost assessments and recommendations. We also help clients to implement corrective actions to tackle non-compliance situations. Our sustainable products and software services specifically develop and support in-house software tools, facilitating cost-efficient administration and management of compliance programs.

Our transaction business helps both investors and vendors to identify specific risks and liabilities and quantify the costs associated with a transaction. We can support you in the immediate deal situation, as well as in a more strategic way by applying RiskHorizonTM, a tailor-made tool for identifying and evaluating ESG risks and opportunities at an early stage of the transaction cycle.

Key contacts

Frank Schmidt
Managing Director, Germany
Frank is our Managing Director in Germany with more than 20 years of expertise in EHS Due Diligence, soil and groundwater remediation and investigation, ESG reviews, mining and exploration and international EU development cooperation.
Wolfgang Wick
Associate Director, Germany
Wolfgang is part of the global Information Solutions team and works alongside our team of EHS and Sustainability experts. His role at Anthesis includes supply chain operations, product/material compliance, auditing processes and circular economy.

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