Middle East – Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Our technical teams have extensive experience designing and implementing environmental and social monitoring programs. This is complemented by the knowledge of our qualified auditors who have extensive experience of environmental and social compliance management and auditing, ensuring that the implementation of management systems is effective and ensuring regulatory and contractual compliance.

Our experience extends from the monitoring of construction sites, to ensure that surrounding sensitive areas and people are not affected, to the monitoring of major projects such as power stations, ensuring that, for example, emissions and ambient air quality levels are within regulatory limits. We are not just technicians, our team of experts are on hand to utilize monitoring data to advise and inform changes in practices to ensure continual improvements in environmental performance.

Our Services

  • Air quality monitoring
  • Noise and vibration monitoring
  • Dust deposition monitoring
  • Terrestrial ecology monitoring
  • Marine water and sediment quality monitoring
  • Marine ecology monitoring
  • Soil and groundwater monitoring
  • Social and wellbeing monitoring
  • Third party compliance audits and reporting

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