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Our North American business spans the full spectrum of Anthesis consulting support. We help you identify your goals and put your strategic plans into action. We aim to deliver tangible, commercial and sustainable outcomes. And we don’t just provide consulting support on a project-by-project basis, we also offer Managed Services. By embedding Anthesis professionals in your business, we take the burden and stress of environmental compliance and sustainability program management off your shoulders. That means you can focus on what you do best – looking after your own clients and customers.

With a West Coast “centre of gravity”, Anthesis has considerable technology sector experience, with a number of our staff having previously worked for leading players in the space. The breadth of capability in our team is impressive, with professionals such as Doug Lockwood and Andrew Armstrong having been actively engaged in the sustainability and product stewardship agenda. Consultants such as Jason Gooden have been instrumental in developing the nexus between sustainability and technology, and putting it into practice with hands-on consulting advice.

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Our North American locations
Our North American locations

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