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Anthesis Impact TrackerTM

Accelerating local authorities’ climate action


Solving the challenges of monitoring and reporting local climate action

Anthesis Impact Tracker is a digital platform, designed for local authorities, to accelerate climate action by enhancing monitoring, reporting and decision-making within, and beyond, your organisation.

The platform enables local government organisations to track and communicate climate action progress, and access a range of impact-based data, to see what’s happening on the ground, in a single, intuitive tool.

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✔ Quickly upload your climate action plan or strategy
✔ Collaborate across your organisation, and beyond, in tracking progress
✔ Immediate access to over 40 local datasets, and add your own
✔ Report on the impact of your climate initiatives
✔ Secure the buy-in you need to drive more action

Review your action progress and impact

Built in consultation with working group local authorities from across the UK, the Anthesis Impact Tracker will enable you to efficiently monitor climate actions undertaken, track their impacts, and share progress updates both internally and externally.

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Track progress against your action plan or strategy

Host your local climate action plan on the tool for consultation, task management, and reporting:​

  • Simple upload process, allowing the tool to adapt to the structure of your plan​
  • Action plans are visualised by key impact areas or themes, such as renewables, built environment, transportation, or biodiversity ​
  • Track metrics such as task progress, deadlines and stakeholder responsibility to enable progress management​
  • Allow partner stakeholders access, sharing responsibility for data management
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Monitor the impact of your actions

Gain immediate access to a range of data through which the impact of local climate initiatives can be reviewed. Data ranges from building stock performance, renewable generation, and land management, through to macro scale emissions data:​

  • More than forty preloaded Key Performance Indicators tracking local climate action progress included as default, with further additions planned​
  • Manipulate and export all datasets to gain further insight​
  • Add and visualise new datasets from your own organisation using an intuitive upload template​
  • Interact with the data- choose which datasets are visible to your audience, view additional metadata, and more

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Engage internal and external stakeholders

The tool is designed to enable quick insights throughout, and fosters collaboration by enabling a range of stakeholder to visit and interact: ​

  • Use the Dashboard page to view a summary of key data from across the tool​​
  • Customise which metrics are shared with your chosen audience​​
  • Assign permissions to colleagues, external partners, and more, according to role​​
  • Compare your performance to other local authorities

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Supporting your compliance and reporting requirements

Anthesis Impact Tracker has been developed by the Anthesis’ Cities and Regions team, the experts behind the SCATTER greenhouse gas reporting tool, used by 80% of UK local authorities, and Area Based Insetting, an innovative alternative to traditional offsetting for UK Local Governments.


An innovative way for local authorities to move beyond static climate action plans and strategies

Anthesis Impact Tracker provides a rapid solution, enabling you to engage a wide range of stakeholders on climate actions you’re taking, and access a range of impact focussed data so you can illustrate the practical changes already happening on the ground.

  • Quick access and setup
    Provided as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription and offers a valuable off the shelf solution to local authorities looking to go beyond static action planning and impact tracking processes
  • Compatible with all local authority types
    Including district and borough councils, and unitary and combined authorities
  • Integrated with Anthesis expertise
    Users are paired with specialist advisors in the Anthesis Cities and Regions team, with relevant subject matter expertise
  • CDP Accredited
    Anthesis is an Accredited Service Provider for CDP, ensuring we are up to date on best practice on reporting.

Anthesis Impact Tracker is extremely user-friendly. Having all our data sourced in one place helps to provide insights into the progress of our Climate Action Plan. The dashboard is a great step forward for reporting and data transparency

Georgia James
Environmental Data Officer
Camden Borough Council
camden council


Supporting climate action monitoring and reporting

We have supported a range of local authorities with the development of climate action plans and frameworks through which to monitor impact, including:

solihull council
Manchester Climate Change Agency

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Our broader experience

In the past 3 years, we have supported over 30 local authorities by providing GHG baselines, climate pathways analysis, mitigation and adaptation focussed action plans and strategies, business and community engagement support, and more.

Our clients include:

High Peak
Staffordshire Moorlands

From the team that brought you SCATTER and Area Based Insetting

We are the developers of the BEIS-funded SCATTER tool, which is free to use for all local authorities and provides a calculated area-wide GHG inventory and future emissions scenario model.

We are also leading a consortium of local authorities to develop Area Based Insetting, a framework supporting the implementation of carbon-saving projects locally. This will help local authorities meet their net-zero targets, stimulate greater investment in the area, and increase collaboration between stakeholders.

In the past 3 years, we supported over 30 local authorities by providing climate risk assessments, adaptation and mitigation action plans and strategies, GHG baselines, and carbon reduction trajectories.

area based insetting favicon

An interactive greenhouse gas reporting tool for local authorities to assess, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Area Based Insetting

Area Based Insetting enbles local authorities to deliver more carbon saving projects locally.

Find out how Impact Tracker can transform your climate action planning

Contact us today to find out more about Anthesis Impact Tracker. One of our Cities & Regions team will be in touch to arrange a demonstration.

Freddie Cooper
Principal Consultant


Sara Telahoun
Principal Consultant – Cities Specialist, UK