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Vastum: Digital Waste Tracking System

What is Vastum? Watch the video to learn more.

The Waste Challenge

Many nations face the challenge of managing the environmental impact of waste management, tackling waste crime, encouraging sustainable actions and collecting the data needed to inform policy, stimulate innovation and drive the circular economy.

Current, paper-based systems for waste tracking around the world capture the journey of waste intermittently and inconsistently, resulting in patchy, unreliable data and creating a barrier to nations meeting these goals.

Put very simply, many countries, including the UK, don’t know for sure how much waste is arising, what the waste consists of and where it goes. Without accurate, granular and up-to-date data, it is difficult and costly to achieve these high-level goals.


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A transformational, digital solution to track waste & create the intelligence needed to protect the environment and drive the circular economy

How Vastum Meets the Challenge

Vastum is an award-winning, digital solution for national waste tracking.

The end-to-end system records waste movements through a series of digital transactions from producer, through waste management processes and infrastructure, to its final destination where it is reused, recycled, recovered or disposed of.

The system works with existing infrastructure to reduce the administrative burden to businesses and improves the quality and consistency of data. Importantly, it generates the high quality and granular data needed for environmental protection, policy and investment.

How does Vastum Work?

QR code generated A ‘unique transaction ID’ (UTID) is generated in the form of a QR code. This acts as a ‘tag’ throughout the waste journey.
Data entry Parties in the waste movement (producers, carriers & receiving sites) enter waste data into the system using the UTID.
Transactions formed Vastum uses the UTID to join the data from all parties and form a ‘transaction’, the building blocks of the waste tracking solution.
Transactions linked into a chain Transactions are linked using an innovative, probabilistic and evidence-based approach to map waste received by sites to that dispatched.
Bespoke interface created An informative dashboard with key metrics and notifications is generated.  Each user group has its own bespoke dashboard design.

Vastum waste data tracking

Key Features


  • Vastum can be accessed by anyone with an internet-connected device, from a mobile phone to companies operating sophisticated software systems.
  • Data can be entered before, during or after the waste movement has taken place without slowing down operations.
  • Data can be inputted in a way that best suits the business – directly via a browser, in bulk via spreadsheet or CSV file or by integrating the service into existing software using APIs.

Data quality

  • The Vastum Data Standard sets out the data fields and formats users must provide. The Standard can be varied to match the data requirements of each territory.
  • Vastum automatically performs several quality assurance checks so that only accurate data is collected and reported.
  • Vastum collects structured data ensuring it is accurate, transparent and auditable.

Intelligence from data

  • Vastum provides unprecedented transparency into waste sources, types and actors and uses this dataset to provide actionable intelligence to users via notifications and other tools.
  • Data is presented in an engaging and intuitive dashboard (different for each type of user) with graphics and search tools.

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The waste tracking solution has the potential to be truly transformational and will deliver fundamental benefits to a number of user groups:


  • Provides a comprehensive and granular dataset with which to identify and monitor policy interventions to drive a circular economy

  • Increased transparency – fast and accurate data on all waste movements
  • Instant notifications and alerts for any indicators of waste crime, e.g. fly-tipping, illegal waste sites, non-compliance
  • A comprehensive and granular dataset with which to identify wider trends to inform intervention and improve sustainability
Waste Producers

  • Increased understanding of the waste generated and its fate
  • Supports with meeting and measuring CSR goals
Waste Industry

  • Reduced administrative and cost burden to businesses as the service removes the need for paper-based information and negates the need for multiple reporting
  • Fast waste movements that are not slowed by the need to enter data
  • Increased understanding of their business activities through the metrics, graphics and tools on the dashboard
Municipal Authorities

  • Increased understanding of waste arsings, collections and management, particularly when services are contracted out
  • Almost real-time monitoring of recycling rates and targets

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