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Activating Sustainability in the Decisive Decade – Environmental Business Journal

September 10, 2021 | News,


Anthesis has been featured in the Environmental Business Journal, profiling the recent investment from Palatine Private Equity and our commitment on driving 3GT CO2e by 2030. Anthesis North America CEO Chantelle Ludski was interviewed, where she gave her insights into the company’s stellar growth and the rising tide of sustainability as a priority across sectors and geographies.

The interview explored some of the hot topics at Anthesis and many business-critical sustainability adjustments that organisations need to make in this decisive decade. Chantelle discussed current thinking around Anthesis’ future ambitions and the steps that are being taken to get there; such as expanding our market leadership across sectors including tech, retail, finance and agriculture, and our work in supporting businesses on their Net Zero journey. The article further explored the role of software tools and technologies that Anthesis is using to accelerate sustainability, and discussed how delivering comprehensive ESG support for organisations is becoming essential.

Chantelle Ludski

Edited excerpts

Chantelle Ludski is Chief Executive Officer for Anthesis in North America. 

What are the biggest opportunities for Anthesis in North America?
Our ability to develop digital tools in-house is one of our major differentiators. Technology will play a crucial role in enabling and accelerating sustainability progress.

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What is the vision and ambition for Anthesis in North America?
We are well-equipped to achieve our highest goal of activating sustainability in what we call the ‘Decisive Decade’. We’re also investing heavily in our People infrastructure to support our growth.

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Why focus on Sustainability?
There was a need to create an organization that could respond differently to the market need, and there was a requirement to do something to address the failure rate… to turbocharge our focus across the decade’s most material global systems: Net Zero impact; carbon remediation; product circularity; land use; and inclusive economies.

Clients are now saying sustainability is something potentially existential and we have to change what we do, be it in sourcing, in supply chain, manufacturing or branding. At that point it went from a dark corner of an organisation into the C-suite, and Anthesis is there to deliver this transformational change.

Stuart McLachlan, CEO

What are the major trends in sustainability?
Sustainability has become business-critical. There’s a need to give management the tools to implement and manage the sustainability strategies that the C-Suite is setting, alongside substantial investment into ‘green tech’. There’s also tremendous focus on how to integrate sustainability reporting into financial reporting.

Anthesis’ work with Net Zero
We recently completed one phase of work to help Target develop its first full Scope 3 emissions inventory, evaluate and then set a science-based target (SBT), building on its operational Scope 1-2 emissions reduction goals. Anthesis guided Target through this process leading to an industry-leading 30% absolute emissions reduction by 2030 and a supplier engagement target.

What is happening with ESG?
We are seeing ESG reporting guidelines and frameworks move in the direction of consolidation and standardization, but regional variations will continue to exist. We are seeing investor-driven reporting requirements affecting clients globally. Investors and Limited Partners have sharpened their focus on ESG, and it now sits among the most important topics for them when they engage with companies.

What about Anthesis Ventures?
Anthesis Ventures was created to support our global clients with access to unique and emerging technologies that will have the potential for delivering significant positive impacts across many facets of sustainability.

We have created partnerships with a number of diverse technology solutions that we believe will have the potential to accelerate reductions in carbon in the decisive decade ahead of us, including Naked Energy, Remed!ate & Signol.

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We partnered with industry expert Anthesis to ensure we could meet the rigorous requirements of an SBTi-approved goal for Scope 3 emissions. With Anthesis’ guidance, we were able to footprint our current Scope 3 impact as well as model out all the underlying initiatives and activities that will help us achieve our 2030 target.

Former VP of Corporate Responsibility, Target
Target Corporation

While I have worked with a handful of leading consultancies on a variety of projects, the Anthesis team has honestly provided the most value to me and our business. They provide an outstanding level of service that is focused around problem solving, collaboration and building capacity, something few other consultants truly can deliver upon.

Emilio Tenuta
SVP for Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab

The Anthesis Team’s deep expertise in corporate greenhouse gas management and goal-setting has been incredibly valuable to advancing our science-based climate actions.

Jaxon Love
Global Environmental Sustainability Lead, PayPal

Anthesis has been a critical partner in SRP’s transformational sustainability journey. The team helped our business partners to embrace the challenge, set comprehensive organisational goals, engaged our stakeholders, embed sustainability in our business, and develop innovative programs that are amplifying SRP’s role as a leader in the community.

Marc Campbell
Manager of Sustainability Policy and Programs, Salt River Project
Salt River Project

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