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Anthesis and PCRRG Welcome New Paper Cup Recycling Label

February 20, 2020 | News,
Logo of the paper cup recycling group PCRRG

As the long-term facilitator of the Paper Cup Recovery and Recycling Group (PCRRG), Anthesis joins the members in welcoming news that recyclable paper cups are to get their own specialist recycling label in the UK.

The move follows industry efforts to increase the number of paper cups recycled, which have seen the creation of 4,800 cup recycling points nationwide, over 20 waste operators providing cup collection services and new high street collection schemes.

The announcement was made on 29 January by the OPRL (On-Pack Recycling Label), the not-for-profit company that runs the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme, which includes the familiar Recycle Now swoosh. The scheme is run on behalf of WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, which supports the new paper cup recycling logo.

The PCRRG welcomed the new label as a recognition of the collaborative work the industry has undertaken and the schemes and projects that have been implemented to allow paper cups to be recycled throughout the UK.

Neil Whittall, Chair of the PCRRG, said: “We have been working closely with the OPRL to demonstrate that the industry takes recycling paper cups seriously and has made great progress to ensure that the opportunity exists to recycle every paper cup used in the UK.

“Now that manufacturers and brands who are part of the OPRL scheme can use this new label, it will be clear to consumers that they can recycle their used cup at any participating store or at any one of the wide range of schemes now in place. We know that consumers find it confusing as to what to do with their used cup and the new label will go a long way to help overcome this.”

The PCRRG provided detailed evidence to the OPRL on the work it has carried out and the collection points and recycling opportunities for paper cups throughout the UK. The PCRRG has provided a non-competitive collaborative environment for key stakeholders to work together to implement change, particularly with retail brands agreeing to collect each other’s used cups.

Anthesis Director, Debbie Hitchen, who has worked with the members of the group for the last six years, said: “The group has worked tirelessly through their voluntary approach to deliver their 2020 Manifesto to increase paper cup recycling. Today we are encouraging every coffee shop, café, canteen, workplace, transport hub, place of education, shopping centre, and of course consumer, to help.

“The first step is to set up collection points and sign up to collection services. The PCRRG is happy to help and can point companies towards how this can be done.”

PCRRG members include representatives from paper board manufacturers, paper cup manufacturers, distributors, retail brands, recycling and reprocessing companies, local authorities and NGOs.

For more information, visit the PCRRG website.

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