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Anthesis at GreenBiz 20

February 12, 2020 | Insights, News,

Our delegation to GreenBiz 20 has returned, reporting their insights and takeaways from North America’s leading annual conference for sustainability professionals in Phoenix, AZ.

We are delighted to have contributed to GreenBiz 20 through several impactful channels. Our experts recorded a filmed interview, led a roundtable lunch, and organized a breakout session. In addition, the team collected notes from a wide variety of other sessions at the conference. Here we share a summary of our experience and takeaways.

GreenBiz Studio Interview: The importance of Sustainable Chemistry

Anthesis principal consultant Jess Onyshko spoke with GreenBiz editorial director Heathy Clancy about what we mean by “sustainable chemistry”, how it differs from the term “green chemistry”, as well as how businesses are incorporating sustainability chemistry into their practices, where she sees companies innovating in this space, and sustainable chemistry advice for organizations.

Jessica’s closing advice was “If you can’t start big, start small. Incremental progress is better than no progress.”

Roundtable lunch

Anthesis Executive Director Josh Whitney led participants at his roundtable lunch on “Taking Action on Scope 3 SBTs”. Josh shared information around the current approaches being used to engage supplier networks on Science Based Targets, and he emphasized the following point with regard to the current difficulty of measuring the impact of Scope 3 initiatives:

“Don’t hold back from ambitions because you can’t show the accounting to get credit towards your target. There is no doubt that positive engagement and collaboration with suppliers will lead to tangible business benefits going forward. And above all, it’s the right thing to do.”

Breakout session

Anthesis Director Debbie Hitchen led a breakout session entitled “Plastic Pledges and Climate Commitments: Traversing the Trade-Offs”, in which she spoke on a panel alongside HP’s global lead for sustainability initiatives David Eichburg, Ahold Delhaize’s product sustainability manager John Laughead, and Sustainable Packaging Coalition Director Nina Goodrich.

On the imperative of collaboration among businesses to meet the urgent call to climate action, Nina Goodrich explained:

“It’s companies being brave, standing up and saying ‘This is beyond proprietary. This innovation is something I need to share with the industry, because we can’t do this alone.’”

To learn more about our guidance around plastics and CO2 trade-offs, you can find our article on the topic published by GreenBiz here.

Our experts share their takeaways

On the note of collaboration, both Jessica Onyshko and Debbie Hitchen highlighted the role of collaboration as a key theme they observed across many of the conversations at the conference.


In this video, Jessica speaks to the key theme of collaboration.




Debbie shares her takeaways on both the role of collaboration, and on the importance of chemical recycling.




And finally, Executive Director Paul Crewe shares a succinct but powerful takeaway on the urgency across these conversations.


Looking ahead

Our team left GreenBiz feeling energized to be activating sustainability alongside a community of engaged professionals who are promoting collaboration and innovation toward our larger shared goals. We are already looking forward to leading an additional session at the next conference in this series: Circularity 20, happening in May. Stay tuned for further details on our role at this conference, and for our takeaways to be shared afterwards.



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