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Anthesis at GreenBiz 22

March 4, 2022 | Insights, News,

GreenBiz 22 was a little different, with all attendees being masked while indoors, and submitting covid rapid tests each day. These measures allowed everyone to gather safely, and turnout was high, with an array of sustainability leaders from major brands in attendance.

Anthesis is delighted to have moderated a breakout session on mobilizing ESG to maximize impact, reconnected with a range of clients, formed relationships with new connections made, and captured learnings across a spectrum of sustainability topics. Here we share a summary of our experience and takeaways.

Activating Sustainability: Episode 28: Reflections from GreenBiz 22: Activating Impact in the Decisive Decade

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Reflections from GreenBiz 22: Activating Impact in the Decisive Decade

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Breakout Session: Mobilizing ESG Company-Wide: Change Management Strategies to Maximize Impact

Jason Pearson moderated a compelling breakout session on change management strategies in ESG, with a panel featuring Kim Dabbs, Global VP Social Innovation + ESG Strategy at Steelcase, Jeffrey Hogue, CSO at Levis, and Hana Kajimura, Head of Sustainability at Allbirds. The session was guided by excellent Q&A from a packed room.

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Our experts share their key takeaways

Over the course of the 3-day conference, our delegates shared their thoughts on key themes, inspirations, and learning moments.

Tobias Parker, Director, shares his takeaways on Anthesis’ clients on day 1 at GreenBiz.



Chantelle Ludski, CEO of North America, shares her takeaways on collaboration from day 2 at GreenBiz.




Paul Crewe, Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive Director of the UK, shares his takeaways on the importance of education from day 2 at GreenBiz.




Jason Gooden, Executive Director, shares his takeaways on new opportunities in the supply chain data collection space on Day 3 of GreenBiz.




Jason Pearson, Executive Director and Solution Leader, shares his takeaways on Paul Polman’s keynote session on Day 3 at GreenBiz.

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