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Anthesis Publishes Research on Global Food Waste

November 25, 2021 | News,

Anthesis’ research into the scale and significance of global food losses in primary production has been published in a special issue of Sustainability journal. 

Examining the challenges in food waste measurement and reduction, the research was commissioned by the WWF-UK and Tesco Partnership for the ‘Driven to Waste’ report published earlier this year. The approach involved the compilation and analysis of global datasets, integration with environmental modelling of key impact categories and qualitative research across 10 key food commodities. 

“The study makes the best use of available global food waste data. The results enable the over-turn of the long-established view that losses in primary production are predominantly a problem of low-income countries, and overall the losses are more extensive than previously thought. We are proud to have supported the WWF-UK and Tesco Partnership to design and execute this research and hope that it can be used to improve global responses to the food waste challenge, with less than a decade remaining to meet the SDG 12.3’s 50% food waste reduction target.” 

Julian Parfitt, Technical Director at Anthesis

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