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Anthesis Sweden Participates in Research on the Interaction between Humans and AI in Commerce

August 20, 2021 | News,

The project will address the following societal questions:

  • How do different consumer groups experience the use of AI-driven retail solutions?
  • In what contexts do we trust AI and what influences this trust?
  • What are the moral and ethical issues related to AI in commerce?
Funded by the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council, Anthesis is engaged in a new, innovative research project studying the interaction between humans and AI in retail and commerce.


Anthesis’ research will involve undertaking extensive surveys, supported by robust representative sampling of participants, in order to better understand human interaction with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in retail environments. This will include how different consumer groups perceive the increase in digitalisation. The study will focus on the level of trust between humans and ai retailer systems, and the reasons behind a potential lack thereof. Anthesis will also investigate which groups are prone to “digital exclusion” and how this can be counteracted by the design of digitised tools.


What is digital exclusion?
Digital exclusion refers to the unequal gap of those who are unable to benefit from modern digital technologies that are often seen as necessary for modern life, as a result of issues with access, resource and capacity.


Field experiments will be carried out in grocery stores in collaboration with GoLoyal and Mörby Centrum. GoLoyal creates digital experiences within shopping centres and city centres, and is responsible for the development of the CityPlay app. Through the app, customers receive individually tailored offers, missions and rewards linked to the stores in the area. By systematically varying the communication and features that customers are exposed to, we can study how behaviours and customer satisfaction are affected when consumers encounter digital commerce tools.

The project is a collaboration between Linköping University, Anthesis, Future Position X, Södertörn University, GoLoyal and Mörby Centrum. The project is led by Gustav Tinghög, Associate Professor at Linköping University and Lab Director at Jedi-lab. 

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