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Anthesis UK Becomes Carbon Literacy Accredited

October 21, 2021 | News,

The need for change in the Decisive Decade is founded on awareness and knowledge, and understanding the consequences of our daily choices, actions and consumer behaviour is critical to enable us to take personal leadership. The Carbon Literacy Project provides the foundations for individuals to take action on climate change mitigation, and as an accredited training partner, we were keen to ‘walk the talk’ and ensure we understand the benefits of the training for ourselves.

Brad Blundell
UK Managing Director, Anthesis Group


Adding to its list of industry accolades, Anthesis is proud to announce that its UK business is now Carbon Literacy accredited.

As the largest dedicated group of sustainability professionals globally, understanding and advising clients on carbon mitigation has been a core focus for the business since 2013. This training focuses on carbon reduction abilities for individuals and in wider society.

Developed by the Carbon Literacy Project, Carbon Literacy Training provides organisations with a solid foundation of knowledge on the carbon costs and climate change impacts of everyday activities as well as the space to reflect and commit to personal and community goals for reduction. With the changes in working conditions catalysed by Covid-19 causing an increase in the impact of homeworking on its operational footprint, the training allowed Anthesis UK to take ownership of these emissions and involve more colleagues in the conversations around reduction.

The accreditation builds on an established partnership between Anthesis and the Carbon Literacy Project. As a Carbon Literacy Project delivery partner, Anthesis delivered Carbon Literacy training for Palatine Private Equity’s portfolio of companies to coincide with Earth Day 2021 and continues to support many other companies in gaining accreditation.

Find out more about our Carbon Literacy Training

Carbon Literacy Training


The United Nations recognised Carbon Literacy Training at COP21 as one of 100 worldwide Transformative Action Programs (TAP100). The training was delivered to global Anthesis colleagues using a blended learning approach, utilising digital tools to engage participants at various opportunities over two weeks. Modules included Climate Change Basics, Consequences for People and Businesses, Understanding Carbon Footprints and Our Impact, and Taking Action.

Ellen McKee, Anthesis’ UK Corporate Responsibility Representative and UK Environmental Management System Lead, commented: “I am excited to see the engagement that the Carbon Literacy training has generated. Anthesis’ Corporate Responsibility Team will be using the fantastic ideas and actions committed by our colleagues during the training to inform, diversify, and further increase the ambition of our corporate responsibility targets going forward. The actions committed both individually and as a group present an incredible opportunity to collaborate and accelerate our journey to Net Zero.”

Find out more about our Carbon Literacy Training

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