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Area Based Insetting Phase 2 Update

24 Jan 2023 | Event, Webinar,

The session included:

  • Trends and feedback received following the consultation with a wider range of stakeholders in the private and third sectors, from the perspective of both project developers and project funders
  • Showcasing the pipeline of ABI projects collated so far, that are available to receive funding through the mechanism
  • Insights on legal and governance arrangements that can help support ABI
  • A preview of the digital registry platform that local authorities can access

Webinar Recording | Area Based Insetting Phase 2 Update

Anthesis and local authority panellists discussed how the Area Based Insetting (ABI) programme has developed over 2022 following the support of the Environment Agency and over 30 UK local authorities nationally.

Area Based Insetting was previously known as Authority Based Insetting. While carbon ‘insetting’ is still a term unfamiliar to many inside and outside of local authorities, ‘authority-based’ was felt to add extra confusion for potential developer and funding organisations, that are not local authorities. It was agreed with the ABI Working Group to update the name to Area Based Insetting to provide a clearer, more accessible name.

Launched in 2021, ABI is a national mechanism being developed by Anthesis to provide local authorities with an alternative to conventional offsets and also serves as a means to better convene local partners, identify project opportunities and direct funding to local carbon saving projects. It also seeks to help local authorities retain the project’s socioeconomic co-benefits locally.

Watch the recording:

The session included details on how new local authorities can join the programme in 2023.


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