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Biodiversity Education at Salburua-Ataria Wetlands

February 14, 2021 | News,
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Lavola deliver Educational and Leisure Services at Salburua-Ataria’s Wetlands Interpretation Centre

Since December 2020, Anthesis Lavola has been managing the Salburua Wetlands Interpretation Centre’s customer and environmental education services called Ataria. This municipal facility is managed by the Center for Environmental Studies (CEA) in the Basque Country.

Ataria is the gateway to Salburua Parc, a natural environment formed by four lagoons that create a unique landscape where visitors can contemplate and study its biodiversity. Ataria’s goals are to improve the wetlands’ popularity, share their values, and highlight the importance of  biodiversity and the natural heritage that this wetlands habitat represents. It is a historic interpretation center for Vitoria, the capital of one of the three provinces of Euskadi.

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Anthesis Lavola’s Education team is responsible for customer services, welcoming, informing and assisting those who visit the Centre, access control, and environmental interpretation services. These services also include administrative, operative, logistic, vigilance, distribution, and support roles for different functional aspects of the Centre.

The team also manages the site’s environmental educational services, covering school programme activities including the ‘Green Summer Camp’ and CEA’s ‘Open Programme’ (Programa Abierto). The educational activities taking place in Ataria share one common goal: to promote the existence and preservation of Vitoria-Gasteiz’s Green Belt biodiversity, and particularly of the Salburua’s wetlands. At the same time, it encourages citizen participation in a variety of activities aimed at increasing involvement in the preservation of biodiversity and the management of the park itself. The educational and outreach activities are carried out in different spaces of the interpretation center itself and the Salburua wetlands.

In addition to managing these services, Lavola are working together with the CEA in the review and creation of activities aimed at family audiences during their leisure time, considering educational free time as a strategic space to learn, reflect and have fun.  Anthesis Lavola provides its experience in creating activities for all types of audiences to achieve common goals at the centre of Salburua-Ataria, using new and innovative educational methodologies.

The centre, with its significant historical influence on environmental education, presents a great opportunity for Lavola to consolidate educational sustainability in the northern part of Spain.

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