How a Global Farm Metric Can Drive Resilient and Profitable Agriculture


This session, delivered by Anthesis and the Sustainable Food Trust, will look at the power of on-farm sustainability metrics and how they can be used by farmers to drive performance, brands to protect the security of supply, and consumers to make more informed sustainable food choices.


COP26 Debrief: The Impact on Businesses, Cities and Organisations & How to Respond


This webinar summarised the key takeaways from COP26 and unpacked the messages coming out of the Glasgow climate conference and the expected impact on businesses, cities, and organisations.


Sustainable Retail Summit: Activating Solutions to Net Zero Carbon

Net Zero

Join Paul Crewe, Executive Director and Chief Sustainability Officer at Anthesis, to hear an inspiring discussion exploring the solutions to achieving Net Zero carbon at the Sustainable Retail Summit 2021.


New Guidance for Authority-Based Insetting: Driving Local Action

UK Local Authorities

Join Anthesis for this webinar where we take a look at the new guidance for Authority-Based Insetting and how to drive local action.


Achieving Net Zero for Public Sector Buildings

UK public sector

Join Anthesis for this webinar to hear how public sector organisations can successfully utilise the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS) within a wider strategy to achieve Net Zero across their buildings.


Agriculture’s Role in a Net Zero Journey: The Opportunity and the Challenge

Agriculture & Net Zero

This webinar will support attendees in understanding what Net Zero means, what role food and agriculture have within Net Zero accounting, and the practical steps businesses can take to set them on the journey.


Reaching Net Zero: Enabling a Circular Scope 3

Net Zero

In this Webinar, Anthesis experts share how to reach Net Zero by enabling a circular scope 3.


Join us at RWM 21

RWM Conference


How to Make the Supply Chain Sustainable [Spanish]

Supply Chain

Anthesis Lavola will give you the step by step of the actions that your organisation could undertake to ensure sustainability along the supply chain, based on PDCA, ISO 20400:2017 and global initiatives around the supply chain.


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