Human Rights Day Insights

Human Rights

To highlight Human Rights Day, Ramesh Panavalli shares insights into the global situation on human rights and how businesses should respond.


A Reflection on World Soil Day


To highlight World Soil Day Mariko Thorbecke shares her insights into the current situation on regenerative agriculture and soil health.


Addressing Plastics and Packaging Issues in the Fashion Industry

Circular Economy

Anthesis, together with our partner R3 Imagin/able in France, hosted two interactive sessions on plastics in fashion, bringing together Promod, New Look, Boardriders (including Quiksilver and Roxy) and other brands to the conversation.


The Significance of COP26: Expanding on Expert Insights from COP Video Series


A few of our experts set some context for COP26, sharing insights on the significance of this moment in the history of global climate conferences and commitments, on the pressing need for action, and the role organisations can play alongside government to drive meaningful action to help realise a net zero future.


Implementing Water Stewardship Practices

Water Stewardship

Anthesis helps businesses implement water stewardship activities that meet water goals and targets.


Unpacking SBTi’s New Net Zero Guidance

Net Zero

Following the lead of the IPCC, SBTi is now offering the next phase of guidance, which allows organisations to set longer-term SBTs with the aim of achieving net-zero GHG emissions by 2050 or earlier.


COP26 insights: Ambitions, Reality and Impact


Hear from Anthesis experts on the ambitions, reality and impact of COP26. Also, sign up to join us on November 16th for our COP26 debrief, where we will share key takeaways from COP26 and the expected impact on businesses, cities, and organisations.


World Circular Textiles Day

Anthesis is taking this opportunity to become a proud signatory of World Circular Textiles Day in recognition of the need for a collaborative approach to make the vision of a circular fashion system a reality.


The Green Economy Transition: Takeaways from Climate Week NYC


Learn about key points on the future of decarbonization from Climate Week NYC 2021.


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