Whitepaper: Estimating Energy Consumption & GHG Emissions for Remote Workers


With a large portion of the workforce still working from home, Anthesis has developed guidance on data collection and calculation approaches that may be broadly integrated into corporate inventory management processes to help estimate the energy use and associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of remote workers.


What the Biden-Harris administration could mean for U.S. Climate Action

Climate Action

With the rollback of strong federal policy to mitigate climate change over the last four years, the corporate world has advanced action in the private sector voluntarily, spurred on by a number of factors explored in this insight.


Tackling the Deforestation Risk in Leather and Viscose Supply Chains

Apparel Sector Deforestation

In an article written for Apparel Insider, Emma Thomson and James MacPherson identify practical actions brands can take to ensure deforestation-free supply chains.


The 12 Days of Eco-Christmas: How To Be Sustainable Over The Holidays


In light of the holidays, Anthesis has created a festive campaign by giving an eco-twist to the song,  ‘ The 12 Days of Christmas’.


Sustainability is the Solution

Going Liminal Series

In the latest #GoingLiminal piece, Tatiana Garcia reflects on the progress being made towards a more sustainable future and the importance of affirmative perspectives for positive change.


Verifying Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly Programme


Amazon, the online retailer, has released a climate pledge friendly badge to highlight products that meet verified sustainability certifications and standards. Read how Anthesis supported Amazon in the review of these certifications and standards.


3 Simple Ways To Have An Eco Christmas, Even In A Covid Year


In recent Huffpost article, Retail Sector Lead Honor Cowen provides advice to consumers on selecting eco-friendly gifts for a more sustainable holiday giving season. 


Six Chemical Management Strategies to Move Beyond Restricted Substances Lists (M/RSLs)

Sustainable Chemistry

We outline six recommended strategies for chemical management that ensure a more robust approach, benefitting suppliers, brands, and resulting in better outcomes for human health and the environment.


Why List-based Chemical Screening is Not Enough

Sustainable Chemistry

Restricted Substance Lists (RSLs) are a great first step in building transparency in chemical usage across supply chains. While they have their merits, they also have shortcomings.


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