Earth Overshoot Day 2022

Climate Change

On December 7th 1972, NASA’s Apollo 17 crew took photograph AS17-148-22727. Better known as the Blue Marble. The image is considered by some to be the catalyst for the environmental movement of the 70s. Find out about Earth Overshoot day and what this means in 2022.


World Environment Day 2022


As we draw closer to World Environment Day, Stockholm+50, and 6 months until COP27, Anthesis comments on where we are now and what needs to be achieved next to move the dial on urgently addressing sustainability.


Fashion Revolution Week 2022: MONEY, FASHION, POWER

Sustainable Fashion

Almost all initiatives to tackle living wages and better buying or purchasing practices have been unsuccessful. In this blog, we take a deep dive into the issues behind living wages, poor purchasing practices, and the environmental cost of fast fashion, and how Anthesis has worked to remedy these issues within the fashion industry.


Earth Day 2022: Invest in our Planet

Earth Day 2022

As Sustainability Activators, Anthesis fully supports this year’s official theme for Earth Day to ‘Invest in our Planet’. A call to action for businesses, governments, communities and citizens to work together as a collective to accelerate the transition to an equitable, prosperous, green economy for all. Find out ways to ‘invest in our planet’.


Meet our Activators: Alice Bond, Senior Energy Consultant

Meet our Activators

Find out how members of our team started their careers in sustainability, the exciting projects they’re working on and advice for people starting out in their sustainability career.


Key Takeaways from the 2022 Sustainable Packaging Coalition Conference


Two Anthesis packaging experts discuss their key takeaways from the Sustainable Packaging Conference held in San Francisco in early April 2022, including carbon capture and recycling technologies, shifting packaging legislation, and the future of “reuse”. 


Five Sustainable Finance Topics to Watch in 2022

Sustainable Finance

Lucy Dwyer, Associate Director for Sustainable Finance and ESG Strategy, unpacks five sustainable finance topics to watch out for in 2022


Anthesis Women Heroes: Interview with Rene Lopez

Women Heroes

In this article of the Women Heroes series, we are featuring an interview with Rene Lopez, Senior Team Lead at Anthesis, based in the Philippines.


World Water Day 2022: The Importance of Groundwater


Human activities over-use and pollute groundwater in many places. Groundwater is out of sight, but it mustn’t be out of mind. Learn more about how your business can help preserve groundwater in our World Water Day blog.  


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