Wise Women in Waste – Episode 14: Identifying Circular Solutions to Global Industry Waste Challenges with Microsoft


This episode explores the stretch wrap alternative report Anthesis, Microsoft and 10 other companies collaborated on to find circular alternatives to the stretch wrap plastic used for the transportation and delivery of goods across supply chains.


Wise Women in Waste – Episode 13 | Gwen Frost on Changing Recycling Behaviours and Innovations


In the 13th episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, our podcast hosts are joined by Gwen Frost, Head of Innovation & Sustainability at Bristol Waste Company. This episode explores waste prevention, community engagement, sustainable materials and Bristol City Council’s Net Zero plans.


Wise Women in Waste | International Women’s Day: Career Journeys Working in the Waste Industry

International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Debbie and Claudia are joined by panel of women from across Anthesis.


Episode 28: Reflections from GreenBiz 22: Activating Impact in the Decisive Decade


In this episode of Activating Sustainability, our experts discuss their key takeaways and impressions from GreenBiz 22. They touch on the importance of social impact, diversity and inclusion, and the increasing role of the financial sector in the corporate sustainability world during the decisive decade.


Wise Women in Waste Episode 12 | Ellen Martin from Circulate Capital on Unlocking Investment in the Circular Economy

Unlocking Investment

In the twelfth episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, Claudia is joined by Ellen Martin, Chief Impact Officer at Circulate Capital. This episode explores how unlocking investment is driving change in the waste sector.


Episode 27: Looking Ahead at 2022: Regional Perspectives on a Common Goal


Join Chris Peterson, Chantelle Ludski, and Brad Blundell as they discuss their views on the year ahead.


Episode 26: Decarbonising our Energy Systems to Deliver Environmental & Socio-economic Impact


Join Chris Peterson and Anthesis Energy leaders, Ben Lynch and Agneta Persson, to discuss the transformational change required to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in the next 10 years.


Wise Women in Waste Episode 11 | Jane Bevis from OPRL on Product and Packaging Labelling


In the eleventh episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, we are joined by Jane Bevis from On-Pack Recycling Label to discuss recycling labelling systems and their role in driving consumer behaviour change.


Episode 10 | COP26 Special: Did COP26 Deliver for Circular Economy and Net Zero?

Circular Economy

For this special episode of the Wise Women in Waste podcast series, we discuss what the outcomes of COP26 mean for the circular economy and sustainable production and consumption globally.


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