COP26 Debrief: The Impact on Businesses, Cities and Organisations & How to Respond

November 16, 2021 | Event,

For more insights on COP26, check out our COP26 video series in which experts from across Anthesis share their insights and expand our understanding of the importance of the event. 

The videos cover: 

  • The ambitions of COP26.
  • The reality of where we are now and what can be achieved.
  • The impact of climate change on people, communities, and businesses and the need to change.

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COP26 Debrief: The Impacts on Businesses, Cities, and Organisations & How to Respond

Tuesday November 16th 2021

In this webinar, a team of Anthesis’ global experts summarise the key takeaways from COP26 and unpack the messages coming out of the Glasgow climate conference and the expected impact on businesses, cities, and organisations. We focused on how you can respond and use the momentum of the conference to catalyse further change.

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Sarah Gilby Tobias Parker Simeran Bachra
Sarah Gilby
Technical Director
Jason Pearson
Executive Director
Toby Parker
Simeran Bachra
Principal Consultant

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