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Corporate Responsibility: #AnthesisEverestChallenge

October 18, 2018 | News,

During the past four weeks, Anthesians globally have completed our #AnthesisEverestChallenge, a unique CSR employee initiative that received strong engagement and results. The challenge was a three-fold initiative designed to promote focus areas that are important to us as a business: collaboration, health & wellbeing, and having a positive impact on the environment.

Who took part?

Over 100 employees across all 11 countries – UK, US, Canada, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, China, Philippines, and the Middle East – were challenged to walk the distance of Mount Everest (5.49 miles) with colleagues, whilst also collecting plastics and litter along the way. From the Royal Parks in London to the city streets of Manila, the support for our latest initiative was tremendous, as proven by the photos received and proudly shared internally and across social media.

How did we do?

Over the four-week period, we walked a mountainous 150 Everests – the equivalent of 823 miles or 1,325 kilometres!

136 colleagues participated, coming together in their local countries, forming stronger connections whilst having some fun.

Plus, our planet is free of 160 bags of discarded waste, much of it plastic.

This initiative follows on from our ‘Plastic Pledge Challenge for World Environment Day on 5 June 2018, helping to raise awareness of plastic pollution and reduce our plastic impact.

Walking the talk on sustainability and CSR within our organisation is vitally important to us. I’m proud of the whole team getting behind this initiative and personally had the pleasure of walking three Everest challenges in the UK and one in Boston with my colleagues.

Paul Crewe
Chief Sustainability Officer & Group CSR Lead

At Anthesis, CSR is at the heart of our ethos and each individual is personally committed to sustainability and supporting the environment. Visit our Careers page if you would like to join our team and be part of our next initiative.