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Local Authority Webinar Series

May 29, 2020 | COVID-19, Event,

Local authorities have faced unparalleled challenges throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing immediate adaptation of core services and the redeployment of staff to support the pandemic effort.

But as local authorities begin to recover, we are seeing an ambition to drive forward climate emergency planning.

We recognise the need during this time to learn from peers and to reflect on the new challenges, opportunities, and shifting priorities that local authorities face.

To allow for this knowledge sharing, Anthesis is hosting a series of webinars delving into phases of the climate action planning journey, supported by guest speakers from the local authorities who are leading in the delivery of these projects.


Past Events

We are currently developing additional events to support local authorities as they recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. To find out about these events, or to suggest a topic, contact us.

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