Creating Value Through Sustainability Reporting

December 13, 2017 | Insights,

For companies, sustainability reporting is a time-consuming process. With materiality assessments, data gathering, colleague engagement, messaging, assurance and content creation all to be completed, the process can become so overwhelming that the point of it all gets lost. For your organization to get the most from your reporting, it needs to be done with true purpose.

Our aim at Anthesis is to take a pragmatic approach to reporting, focussing on the value it brings to your business. This applies whether we have been working with a company for many years or if a relationship is just being to bloom. For companies we have worked with previously, we aim to evolve their reporting on a yearly basis, reflecting changing business positions, priorities and marketplace, as the case studies below demonstrate.

Provident Financial Group’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility report

Provident Financial Group’s 2016 Corporate Responsibility (CR) report was published in November. Following a number of corporate challenges, PFG were keen to underline the company’s continued commitment to CR. The report provided a balanced account of their goals, CR activities and progress across a range of social, ethical and environmental topics.

Anthesis helped develop the report with our knowledge of sustainability enabling us to edit, prioritize the content and set the tone. Working with trusted partners we also oversaw the design and printing of the report. To make the information more easily accessible to a larger audience we also updated the web copy for the PFG website.

Colas 2017 Combined Financial and Sustainability report

As a subsidiary company, there is no formal requirement for Colas UK to publish financial or sustainability information. However, having published a sustainability report for a number of years in response to customer interest, Colas decided to take their reporting one step further.

Colas’ sustainability programme has always been integrated into the wider corporate strategy and business structures. To reflect this their 2017 report combines financial and sustainability information. While not fully integrating financial and sustainability information, this combined report goes well beyond regulatory requirements for the company and beyond the reporting ambition of many much larger companies.

Anthesis have fully supported Colas through the reporting process: agreeing the disclosure level, guiding and collating the content, developing the copy and providing project management, all delivered in a tight time-frame.

In these reports, and all our work, we bring a wealth of expertise and are perhaps the only company that can offer a fully end-to-end reporting service – bringing deep subject matter expertise, content development, materiality, communications and additional services such as data management.

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