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The Times Article: Making Sustainability Happen

March 5, 2020 | News,

Business-as-usual will no longer suffice in the fight against climate change

The United Nations (UN) is calling the next ten years the decisive decade, with ambitious action needed to deliver sustainable development. Business, however, finds itself in a state of flux.

The last 24 months have been transformational. Gen Z and millennials are redrawing the map in favour of sustainable brands — not only are they environmentally aware and socially influential, but economically significant, too. The business-as-usual herd will soon be left with nowhere to run.

For companies and organisations alike, the pursuit of profit with purpose is easy to envision in principle, but often difficult to enact in practice. The opportunities are real; it is all about making sustainability happen.

Anthesis is here to deliver sustainable performance  We combine broad and deep sustainability expertise  with robust commercial and operational capabilities.

We work with leaders to shape smart solutions that integrate economic performance and sustainability impact, then help make them happen.

“Making sustainability happen is not a one-off task. It’s a mindset with a bias for action and skills to match.”

Brad Blundell
Managing Director, UK

Emerging Trends and the C-Suite

Anthesis’ recent Emerging Trends research signposts the direction of travel on sustainability and unpacks some of the issues involved. The findings support the view that sustainability has progressed from being a ‘nice-to-have’ optional extra, to a ‘must-have’ item of non-discretional spend, with CEOs and managing directors identified as being responsible for environmental and social concerns. However, action on sustainability is simply too slow.

Key findings include:

Emerging Trends Findings

The disconnect between thinking and doing suggests a lack of conviction around the commercial imperative. There is an increasingly strong sense of urgency, but not the understanding to match. When it comes to sustainability, the C-Suite now gets the what and the why, just not the how.

In response, Anthesis has developed a three-stage methodology for delivering sustainable performance, the Activator Approach. Whether working at the corporate strategy level, or solving specific operational problems, it combines appropriate expertise and tools across a proven, end-to-end logic of change.

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First published in the Sustainable Business report in The Times in March 2020, read the full article here. The full report is also available here.

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