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Webinar: Digital Transformation in the Waste & Resources Sector

28 Apr 2021 | Event, Webinar,
Ecomondo Green Weeks

Smart Waste Tracking and Digital Transformation in the Waste & Resources Sector

Watch this Ecomondo Digital Green Weeks webinar to hear Simone Aplin and Jamie Warmington discuss smart waste tracking and the digital transformation of the waste and resources sector.
Our transition to a more circular economy is being held back by a lack of useful data on the waste that is generated and where and how it is managed. This means that many nations, cities, regulators, and businesses face the challenge of managing the environmental impact of waste management, tackling waste crime, driving efficient operations, informing policy decisions and stimulating innovation and delivery of the circular economy with insufficient or outdated information.
But things are changing and changing fast.
In this webinar, Anthesis will demonstrate how the waste sector is on the cusp of a digital revolution that will transform the way the sector operates and open the door to innovative solutions to some of our most difficult challenges.

We cover:

  • What we mean by digitisation and digitalisation and the role of both in driving change
  • An overview of available and near market technology in the sector
  • Examples of where digitalisation has delivered benefits
  • The potential of digitisation to ‘democratise’ waste management, facilitate the circular economy, and encourage new business models
  • An introduction to Anthesis’ end-to-end digital waste tracking platform, Vastum

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