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ESOS Phase 2 – Why Act Now?

February 22, 2018 | Guidance,

We are now halfway through the Phase 2 period for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), which has a final deadline of December 2019.

As part of the Phase 2 compliance process, a 12 month period of energy consumption, covering the qualification date of the 31st December 2018, is required for review. You can ensure early compliance by starting to collate consumption data now – while it may seem as though there is still plenty of time to complete your compliance journey, there are many benefits to starting early!

ESOS – why act now?

In Phase 1 of the ESOS scheme nearly 3,000 UK organisations notified after the compliance deadline. This was partly due to a surge of organisations seeking to comply close to the scheme deadline with a limited number of qualified assessors available to help. This led to rising assessor fees, a drop in quality and the risk of non-compliance fines.

Quality audits undertaken by the Environment Agency for Phase 1 revealed that only 16% of audits were fully compliant, with 75% of audited participants being required to undertake remedial action to comply. This highlights the importance of starting your compliance journey early in order to secure a highly qualified ESOS Lead Assessor to support your Phase 2 compliance.

During Phase 1, Anthesis supported more than 50 organisations to comply with the regulations. We, therefore, have a detailed understanding of the process and are uniquely placed to ensure your ESOS journey is as smooth as possible.

Do you have wider EU Operations?

ESOS is driven by the EU Energy Efficiency Directive so there are equivalent schemes to undertake efficiency audits across all EU member states. If your organisation has Europe-wide operations then there is even more reason to kick start you compliance journey early.

Our policy experts have deep knowledge the regulatory variations and timescales across EU Member States and can work with you to develop a consolidated approach to ensure compliance for all your EU operations.

Remember – the earlier you act, the more you can save!

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