Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment) is a UK Government administered energy scheme aimed at cutting the carbon output of large energy users in the public and private sector.

The scheme affects over 20,000 organizations which are responsible for around 10% of the UK’s emissions. The Scheme is a valuable tool for an organization wishing to optimize their energy use and improve their Corporate Social Responsibility.

We currently offer a comprehensive CRC service which goes a step further than simply monitoring and calculating carbon output. We work with organizations to identify and implement energy efficiency solutions which can significantly reduce costs and energy use at the source.

Who is eligible?

The scheme is assessed at the group, rather than individual company, level. It applies to those organizations or groups that use more than 6,000MWh of electricity per year and at least one half hourly meter purchased on the Half Hourly Metered (HHM) settled market.

The scheme is currently within its second phase running from April 2014 to March 2019. In 2016 the UK Government announced that the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme will come to an end following the 2018/19 compliance year.

How the scheme works

CRC contains several steps to reach compliance:

  • Register your business online using the government portal
  • Collate information about all of your HHM supplies, and submit to the scheme regulator
  • Order, Buy, Surrender and Transfer Carbon allowances to “off-set” your carbon output for the period
  • Submit an annual report
  • Inform the Environment Agency about any changes during the period that may affect your registration
  • Keep records and an evidence pack on file for auditing purposes

To find the current prices for carbon allowances (which are traded on the open market) click here.

How we can help

We can be your appointed Primary Agent and carry out all of the above actions (with the exception of purchasing and trading carbon allowances, where best advice will be provided, but no carbon allowances will be purchased on your behalf), our services include:

  • Compliance set-up
  • Ongoing Performance Monitoring and trading support
  • Compliance requirements management
  • Advisory and management services
  • CRC registry management