Display Energy Certificates

We provide Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports for public buildings. All public buildings with a floor area exceeding 250m2 that are frequently visited by the public require a Display Energy Certificate (DEC).

We produce DECs and Advisory Reports (ARs) for affected buildings, ensuring that their energy performance is reported and displayed correctly. We carry out detailed energy surveys, face-to-face questionnaires and information processing using approved software to produce and/or renew your building’s DEC and AR.

All work is carried out by our qualified and accredited energy assessors, who have been carefully chosen for their commitment to safety, quality and data confidentiality. Where required our energy assessors are DBS checked and can work out-of-hours.

Display energy certificates

A Display Energy Certificate is a mandatory document which shows the actual energy usage – the operational rating – of a building. All qualifying public buildings are required to have a visible Display Energy Certificate in their building and an accompanying Advisory Report which provides recommendations on how a building’s energy performance can be improved.

The DEC provides an energy performance operational rating, from A to G, which indicates how efficiently the building is being used. This energy rating is based on the performance of the building fabric and its services – including heating, ventilation and lighting.

The validity period of your DEC and Advisory Report depends on your building’s useable floor area:

Below 250m²

  • A Display Energy Certificate or Advisory Report is not required

250 to 999m²

  • Display Energy Certificates must be renewed every 10 years
  • Advisory Reports must be renewed every 10 years

Over 1000m²

  • Display Energy Certificates must be renewed every year
  • Advisory Reports must be renewed every 7 years