Energy Efficiency & Demand Management

While energy is a considerable operating cost to most organizations, attention and investment is often on frontline activities. Therefore opportunities to make considerable returns through reducing consumption are often missed.

Our consultants, design engineers and project managers deliver turnkey solutions to benefit operating costs and carbon emission reductions. We build the best business cases from technology solutions, assist in leveraging internal or third party finance, lead or support solution procurement and commission the on-site solutions.

Our services include

  • Assessing the performance of assets such as the Building Management Systems (BMS), Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), lighting and controls and creating investment plans, we seek to drive real benefits to the bottom line through fully managed installation projects
  • Surveying and opportunity assessments using chartered engineers to build the commercial case
  • Liaising with third-party finance to allow fully packaged programmes to be produced, leading to operational cost reductions.
  • Turn-key solutions to retrofitting energy management measures and can follow on with a full energy management offering which provides real-time monitoring and control to a granular level
  • Metering, monitoring and targeting to enable focus on the most resource heavy elements of buildings and look to make savings and improve energy efficiency
  • Measurement and verification to quantify the savings achieved through energy conservation measures and reveal how much energy has been saved through the implementation of specific measures
  • Building optimization to achieve optimal occupant comfort with minimum energy use, yielding both cost and carbon savings for the building owner and increased comfort for building users
  • Energy conservation measures achieved through technical insulation, building fabric insulation, lighting and building energy management systems