Building optimization

We offer a comprehensive building optimization service. We aim to achieve optimal occupant comfort with the minimum energy used in a wide range of buildings. This yields both cost and carbon savings for the building owner as well as increased comfort for building users.

This process can be useful for all types of buildings, even new builds where sometimes the initial commissioning of the system may not have been optimized for energy efficiency. We work not just for single buildings but across entire portfolios.

Our Services Include

  • Consultancy: we look at your energy data and assess where cost and carbon savings can be made. We can review any existing Building Management System logs and/or half hourly meter readings
  • Site audits: we send one of our expert engineers to your site to assess the plant room and look at the system design, controls and set points
  • We assess your boilers for age, set up, output and efficiency
  • We look at heating and hot water if applicable
  • We review any fan coils, Air Handling Units (AHUs) and convector heaters
  • After the visit, we work with your Facilities Manager and Sustainability team to understand what the end goals are for your organization
  • With all of this information, we can provide and carry out (if required) recommendations

After these stages, we don’t just leave clients to it. We can provide on-going guidance where we can manage the system remotely and make further improvements as required.

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