Energy conservation measures

Technical Insulation

Technical Insulation is about improving efficiency at the source. Many organizations waste significant amounts of heat and energy through poorly insulated boiler plant rooms, internal and external pipework and other technical components – leading to unnecessary costs and inflated energy bills.

We work to identify and eliminate these losses in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Through undertaking a free, non-disruptive site survey, we are able to determine where the largest returns can be generated for your investments. We can then fully manage your technical insulation projects through to completion.

We have worked with a wide range of clients on over 10,000 plant rooms, saving around £140 million in energy costs. With a typical payback period of 2 years, our technical insulation services provide a cost-effective solution. We have delivered fully project managed, quick turnaround insulation projects, including thermographic surveys and Health and Safety documents, for Bristol City Council, Mitie, Colliers, Transport for London, Schneider Electric and M&S.

Building Fabric Insulation

We offer a fully project managed building fabric insulation service. Using industry standard cavity wall and loft insulation solutions, we are able to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency in a wide range of commercial and domestic properties. Loft and cavity wall insulation can typically save up to 15% of heating fuel costs.

Through undertaking a free, non-disruptive survey of your buildings we can determine where building fabric insulation can be installed to maximize returns on your investment and meet the energy and carbon reduction targets of your organization.

We have extensive experience in providing fully managed insulation projects. We work with an approved network of installers who undergo rigorous pre-qualification checks and are continually monitored for compliance, quality and health and safety standards.


Significant cost and energy savings can be made through the installation of modern, energy efficient lighting systems. Although the install costs may be higher, the payback time on lighting systems incorporating LEDs can be as little as 18 months, allowing your organization to see significant returns on investment over their 20 year lifespan. In addition, a recent study from the World Green Business Council suggests that better lighting accounts for a 23% increase in productivity.

Our lighting solutions are designed to improve your building’s energy efficiency and working environment whilst cutting unnecessary costs. Through conducting detailed site surveys and analysis, we identify where your organization’s lighting can be improved. We put together a comprehensive business case, outlining the costs and benefits to your business and the range of options available to you.

This allows us to design and install the most appropriate system for your needs and budget. Whether it’s re-designing your fittings, re-thinking your lighting layout or overhauling your entire lighting system (including implementing controls and sensors) to provide an efficient and cost effective lighting system.

Building Energy Management Systems

Installing or optimising a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) allows you to control and monitor your building’s HVAC systems, lighting and energy usage, with the aim of saving you money and reducing carbon. A BEMS is an automated control system that monitors your building’s internal environment and ensures optimal comfort for occupants without wasting energy.

Your BEMS package will use sensors to monitor levels of heat, light and movement to determine an appropriate system response. Once the desired, programmed condition is achieved it will be maintained using the minimum energy required.

A BEMS is often integrated with a traditional Building Management System (BMS), which typically includes non-energy systems such as fire and security. If you currently operate a BMS, we are able to install additional software or hardware to add energy management capabilities to your system.