Surveying and opportunity assessments

We regularly carry out costed assessments of energy saving measures in all types of buildings and estates. We can provide assessments from desk top audits, simple site based reviews to comprehensive investment grade audits to suit your requirements. The key output of these assessments can include legislative compliance hotspot sites for detailed targeting and options for design and delivery. Link to Developing an investment business case at a later date

Investment Grade Auditing

For any organization looking to replace their current building services with a lower carbon alternative, the first step is to take stock of the current system and then review the feasible alternatives. This can be difficult with a saturated marketplace of suppliers and manufacturers keen to promote their particular solution or product.

We combine a passion for low/zero carbon energy solutions with an independent and unbiased approach to give our clients clear guidance as to the feasible options for their situation. Our Investment Grade Audits are designed to provide comprehensive analysis and appropriate options to allow clients to make well informed decisions when looking to replace their current heat and power systems with a low or zero carbon alternative. This has been successfully achieved with clients across all sectors, with a particular speciality for multi-residential buildings.

We understand that the carbon payback and financial payback periods are important factors in making a decision to switch to a lower or zero carbon energy source but other aspects such as reliability and, crucially, occupant comfort also play important roles. Our qualified consultant engineers will carry out a thorough evaluation of the building, taking in the particular opportunities and challenges ensuring all options are covered.

Using this site information we generate a model of the building allowing us to test each appropriate technology to provide quantifiable evidence that can be presented to decision makers or external investors. The findings are often presented in a report or presentation, drafted in a way to make certain the client can understand fully the cost and benefits associated with each option. Once any comments and questions have been answered we are able to advize on next steps to take the project forward based on the chosen route.