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Episode 23: Net Zero Food Systems

October 4, 2021 | Podcast,

The important thing to recognise is that this needs to be a systems change. We need to have a consistent, collaborative approach to how we improve the practices that are happening…reducing inputs onto farms, reducing emissions and increasing the sequestration of carbon. This becomes really powerful when you scale it up through the supply chain
Honor Cowen

The agricultural sector makes up approximately 12% of total global greenhouse gas emissions. If governments and organisations are going to have an impact on their emissions reductions targets, agriculture must be a key area of focus.

In this Activating Sustainability podcast, Chris Peterson is joined by Anthesis experts Simon Davis (Sustainable Agriculture Practice Lead) and Honor Cowen (Retail & Consumer Products Lead) as they explore the rapidly evolving world of food systems, its impact on food, retail and textiles, as well as how the sector is aligning with Net Zero.

Activating Sustainability
Activating Sustainability
Activating Sustainability | Ep 23: Net Zero Food Systems

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Join them as they explore:

  • The modern risks associated with agriculture – from emissions to traceability
  • The business case for addressing agricultural sustainability within your value chain
  • The breadth of impact the sector has across geographies and industries and how it is a critical component of climate change mitigation
  • How Net Zero is evolving within this area and how legislation, investment and consumer demand are driving radical changes, as well as how individuals and organisations are responding to these challenges

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