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Senior Consultant – Corporate Transactions and Services (M&A EHS DD & ESG)

Role: Senior Consultant – Corporate Transactions and Services (M&A EHS DD & ESG)

Location: Madrid, Barcelona or Manlleu

Contract: Full-time

The characteristics of the vacancy

  • Your contract will be indefinite.
  • You will work full time with a flexible schedule distributed from Monday to Thursday from 8-9h to 17-18h and on Fridays your day will be intensive, from 8h to 15h.
  • Our work model is hybrid and flexible, you will enjoy both the benefits of teleworking and working in our offices in Madrid, Barcelona or Manlleu.

The professional profile we need

To successfully develop this new challenge, we are looking for a person who brings the following knowledge, experience and skills to the teamRead on to find out if you’re the person our team needs! 👇

  • Training and key knowledge
    • Degree training (or diploma or bachelor’s degree) in: Environmental Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Engineering or similar degree.
    • Master’s, Postgraduate or Doctorate in Environmental Engineering; Environmental Impact Studies and Audit; Environmental Technologies; Environmental Management or Sustainability; Architecture and Sustainability; Environmental Risk Management and / or Analysis Systems.
    • Project management capabilities.

We also value specific training and experience in:

  • Experience of at least 3 years in the delivery of environmental assessment projects, either in the company or in a consulting environment.
  • Minimum experience of 6 months in projects in EHS DD and/or ESG (consulting).
  • Solid knowledge in Environmental Regulations and Safety and Hygiene.
  • Interest in the role of companies and capital markets in sustainable development.
  • Effective time management and organizational skills for project development.
  • Ability to respond positively to pressure and adopt a flexible approach to a dynamic, changing and fastmoving work environment.
  • Ability to work in virtual teams in different time zones.
  • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office.
  • Technical knowledge and complementary training in: management system and audits (ISO 14001/45001/9001), Environmental Due Diligence, European Environmental Directives (IPPC, SEVESO, RoHS, CLP, REACH), industrial safety, occupational risk prevention, knowledge of environmental and PRL regulations applicable to services, industries and geographic information systems.
  • Languages: Spanish (C1) and English (C1).
  • Availability to travel and driver’s license.

 What are your competencies and skills?

We would like you to be able to contribute to the team:

  • Identification and commitment to the values of the company.
  • Commercial orientation and assertive communication.
  • Flexibility and high adaptability to change.
  • Proactivity and personal empowerment.
  • Leadership.
  • Emotional and social intelligence.
  • Initiative, planning and orientation to the achievement of objectives.

At Anthesis Lavola we are the team that activates change! 🚀

Our goal?  We have it clear! We work towards a more resilient, sustainable and just world. To achieve this and activate change, we develop and put into action various services  and products designed to create a positive impact on people and their environment.

If, like us, you are also passionate about environment and you believe that it is the key to achieving a more sustainable society and planet, read on because Anthesis Lavola is your team!  👇

Join the Transactions and Finances team and help us achieve an important challenge:

Guide companies on their path to sustainability, familiarizing them with new concepts and regulatory and legislative frameworks, so that we can increase their commitment and the activities that lead them to the achievement of the new Sustainable Development Goals successfully.

How will you add value to the team?

Once you join our Transactions and Finances team, your challenges and responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Carrying out environmental assessment projects that assess the possible risks of environmental responsibility and the operational and compliance status of organizations, in particular Environmental, Health and Safety Due Diligence (EHS DD).
  • Carry out environmental compliance assessments in industrial and commercial facilities and implement corrective monitoring actions to ensure compliance with current European, national and local regulations.
  • Carry out research related to ongoing projects; collect and analyse data; write reports and technical documents with the available information.
  • Coordinate projects to assess the environmental, social and corporate governance and sustainability of companies (ESG) in transactional processes for clients in the financial sector.
  • Support in the preparation of content for proposals and marketing materials.
  • Collaborate with sustainability experts and global technical consultants from Anthesis Group, not only to deliver large projects but also to support the development of new service areas and innovative products for our customers.

What does it mean to work at Anthesis Lavola?

We present the benefits and advantages of being part of our great team!

  • You will be part of a pioneering consultancy in sustainability and environment awarded with the B Corp™ seal, a sign of our commitment to promote a positive environmental, cultural and social impact.
  • You will join a team where you will be the engine of change and our great commitment to achieve a better world. Join an unbeatable team, full of talent, commitment and passion that represents our values and that will welcome and accompany you in a cooperative and motivating
  • You will participate in an inclusive culture where diversity is part of our identity and we strive  to represent and listen to all the voices and ideas of our team.
  • You will contribute to projects of initiative and social responsibility, join and add your value!
  • You will learn to develop your role successfully with our support and accompaniment. Your training is our responsibility, and we will watch over your talent and so that nothing stops you!
  • Improve your english with Anthesis Lavola! We compensate you a percentage of the cost of your English studies.
  • You will enjoy international opportunities and you will be able to enhance your professional
  • You will take advantage of your vacation days whenever you want and on your birthday, we give it to you on vacation!
  • You will have free summer evenings. Take advantage of our six weeks of intensive day of free choice between the months of June and September.
  • In summer you will also enjoy 100% teleworking during the months of July and August. Work from wherever you want and eat the summer. Are you from the beach or the mountains?
  • Being B Corp™ also has a prize! Access our catalog of discounts and exclusive offers.
  • Get the most out of our Flexible Remuneration Plan with the services of medical insurance, childcare, food, transport ticket and/or training; and save the IRPF so you can invest it in what you really want.
  • In Anthesis Lavola we also take care of your well-being, for this reason we put at your disposal various resources that ensure your physical and mental health. Count on us!
  • You should also know that your talent and values will always be recognized and can be rewarded in our Innovation Awards and the Anthesis Spirit Award.
  • If you want, you can join our corporate volunteering program, help us generate a positive impact on our environment.
  • As a team member, we invite you to participate in our teambuilding activities, let’s keep adding, let’s keep teaming!

The spirit of Anthesis Lavola

We want you to know our culture and values

#emotionalinteligence #diversity #empowerment #transparency #innovation #transformation

At Anthesis Lavola we value diversity in all its forms and expressions and understand it as the spark of change  and the key to forming the team of tomorrow and also of the present, an empowered, proactive and innovative team  with a unique identity and talent.

We work hard to build a more inclusive, fair and diverse environment and teams where everyone enjoys the safety, recognition and respect essential for the development of their individual potential. Without a doubt, we are proud of all the people who give life and value to the company and celebrate their successes and growth within our team.

👉 Now it’s your turn, what impact do you want to leave? If you believe that this role represents you and our proposal is what you are looking for, join our team and be part of the sustainable revolution. We are waiting for you!