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Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Consulting

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ESG management has become business critical

Once purely a financial services term, ESG is now routinely used in board rooms as the useful collective descriptor for the range of aspects that relate to how a business interacts with society and the environment.

It spans climate change and wider sustainability, environmental compliance and liability management, health, safety and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, employee development and retention, customer welfare, community relations, and business ethics and governance, amongst others.

Crucially, it is now understood that as both risks and opportunities, ESG factors are central to long-term commercial success. Environmental Social Governance management has become business critical.

Yet, whilst ESG is now in common business use, investment and the accessing of capital often still drives and defines the form of actions taken. From pension fund managers seeking to win new mandates, through to asset managers helping to invest that capital, to public or private businesses providing the opportunities for investment – actions are required to demonstrate that ESG risks and opportunities are being managed.

What does ESG mean?

ESG refers to a range of issues that fall under the umbrella terms of Environmental, Social, and Governance, used to measure how a business interacts with society and the environment. As potentially both risks and opportunities, and increasingly recognised as central to the long-term commercial success of a business, many investors are increasingly scrutinising and prioritising these factors as part of their financial analysis process.

Anthesis supports ESG clients across the spectrum

We are leaders in the ESG consulting space. For decades, we have worked with a broad range of businesses to help them improve their Environmental, Social and Governance performance.

Corporate Businesses

We have long helped corporate businesses to respond to the sustainability agenda through their ESG management and reporting strategies. As a result, we have been able to communicate their success, including when viewed through the lens of ESG ratings such as MSCI and S&P.

Private Equity & Investors

For investors, whether LPs, debt providers, or asset managers in real estate, infrastructure, private equity or listed equities, we have helped them win investment and fully analyse both the risk and opportunities to enhance their value during ownership.

Sustainable Finance

Anthesis supports clients across the financial sector, from commercial and investment banking to private equity and insurance. Our Sustainable Finance team understands the unique challenges of these clients and brings decades of experience supporting them from strategy development to implementation.

Anthesis’ ESG Services

Anthesis supports organisations across sectors and geographies with ESG. We guide clients from initially understanding their current strengths and weaknesses, through to developing and implementing strategies and solutions to improve and solidify sustainable performance.

Discover our ESG Services

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Anthesis supports clients with the full spectrum of ESG services.

ESG Assessment / Health Check – Understanding a company’s current ESG strengths, maturity and areas to improve and benchmarking against competitors

Materiality Assessment – Identifying priority ESG topics and stakeholder expectations and the potential for value creation

ESG Strategies – Developing an ESG strategy aligned to the company’s mission and purpose, providing recommendations to improve ESG performance and outlining a roadmap for implementation

Implementation and Communications – Supporting the implementation of the roadmap, including data collection, method development, communication, and training

Disclosing against Frameworks – Aligning with new legal requirements, such as the EU taxonomy, as well as CDP, SASB, TCFD, and GRI


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