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ESG Implementation & Transformation

Supporting financial institutions to implement their ESG strategies

Many financial institutions (FIs) are hampered by a lack of expertise and/or bandwidth within their current team.

Having defined an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy, an implementation framework, systems, and staffing are required to drive action and facilitate the disclosure that stakeholders require.

Anthesis can support FIs in rolling out their ESG strategies, through direct advisory and training support, completion of defined tasks, outsourcing and secondments, and the design or selection and implementation of IT solutions.

In addition to working with your teams on specific projects and issues in a consulting role, we are also able to support you through project management support. This support can include providing additional staff into your projects and structures to make up for capacity limitations and helping to train staff and customers on important ESG topics.

esg strategy implementation

How we support ESG strategy implementation

Typically, we support in six ways:

Governance and organisational considerations

  • Working with FIs on how to organise themselves for ESG. A clear view from the top as to how the business and its change program will be governed and organised is crucial.

Risk and control

  • Impacts on risk management (whether financial, operational or ESG topics) will need to be considered, such as updating due diligence and responsible investment policies, credit risk underwriting processes or pricing structures for financial products.

Specialist program development

  • Each material ESG topic will require a set of actions, initiatives, or programs to manage them. From GHG emissions to diversity and inclusion, Anthesis provides baselining analytics, program design and implementation support.


  • For many FIs the impact will be most clear in how people are managed and motivated and how roles within an organisation may need to change to support the ESG program. Anthesis guide on these areas, increasingly considering the link between ESG performance and renumeration.

Processes and tools

  • Any ESG program will need roadmaps that set out the key changes to internal processes, controls, and the IT environment and how those will be coordinated. Anthesis develops robust but light-touch frameworks for successful implementation, with the individual guidance, tools and software selections to support internal teams.

Branding, reporting and disclosure

  • Helping clients to plan how to communicate their ESG performance internally and externally. Increasingly this involves balancing reporting to frameworks and regulators with developing approaches to leverage ESG strategies for brand and marketing purposes that avoid greenwashing.

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