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ESG Strategy

Supporting clients to develop strategies that accelerates pathways to sustainable performance

ESG Strategy Services


As ESG metrics increasingly become a staple benchmark in identifying responsible organisations, there has never been a better time to implement an ESG strategy. We develop tailored sustainability strategies that use a proven approach for prioritising issues, identifying risks and highlighting opportunities.

We work across sectors and can help businesses, investors and financial institutions align their ambitions with feasible implementation pathways to reduce risk and achieve improvements across ESG criteria

How we help you integrate ESG into your business strategy

Anthesis can help you to develop a bespoke strategy the reflects your sustainability vision, and to:

  • Develop an ESG Strategy tailored to your operations
  • Assess your current ESG Strategy to identify areas for improvement
  • Establish an ESG Strategy implementation plan
  • Embed sustainability within your operations
  • Create long-term objectives
  • Identifying current and future risks
  • Assistance with mandatory reporting requirements

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ESG Strategy Guidance

Why ESG is a Business Imperative

To become the responsible and successful businesses of tomorrow, organisations must factor ESG into their core business strategy and all their decision making. Join Charlotte Challis of Anthesis Group as we look at the initiatives businesses are prioritising to secure long-term growth and trust.


ESG Strategy Development

Working with Financial Institutions to develop Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies that enhance both their internal operations and core business activities.

For all Financial Institutions (FIs), demonstrating that you have evaluated your exposure to ESG issues and put in place a strategy to ensure their management is now an essential element of fund raising, client attraction and core business management alike.

Anthesis has developed ESG strategies for a wide range of FIs, including banks, asset owners and managers, private equity, real estate, and trading houses. Our work can be delivered as a complete, entity wide ESG solution, a focused regulatory piece, or targeted on a specific area such as a Net Zero or climate strategy.

Integrating ESG into the FI’s product or service, and/or developing a Responsible Investment Strategy, is a central part of our work.

esg strategy process

Our ESG Strategy Development services

Anthesis is experienced in working with FIs to manage their ESG risks and opportunities, helping them to define their core ESG strategy and develop the management arrangements to put them into action. We also help FIs report their performance to their customers, investors and wider stakeholders, thereby enhancing the related brand value.

Our approach

To begin the project, Anthesis will undertake a landscape assessment. Our approach typically includes:

  • Engaging stakeholders to create a mutual understanding of the business’ key ESG drivers.
  • Analysing the practical and brand approaches to ESG at competitor and peer firms.
  • Reviewing existing ESG policies, systems and staffing for robustness and best practice.

We can then work with management to define an ESG ambition and agree the material ESG topics to focus on. From there we can present strategy options, including KPIs and targets, and implementation approaches, laying out a roadmap for implementation and transformation.

Anthesis also acts as an implementation partner for ESG strategy and provides continued monitoring and reporting services to our clients.


Leveraging our ESG expertise

In doing our work, Anthesis leverages our understanding of the sector and look at the entity through the lens of external events and trends. We consider:

  • Current and future customer demands, the competitive environment, and the implications for reputation and brand. FIs are experiencing significant demand to demonstrate how they are acting responsibly and developing products that meet the increasing customer demand for ethical investments.
  • Regulatory requirements and policy initiatives, ranging from product focused requirements designed to channel capital to more sustainable activities, such as the EU Taxonomy, to risk focused central bank requirements.
  • Frameworks and initiatives, such as SASB, the GRI and UN Principles of Responsible Investment reporting schemes, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), commercial ESG “rankers and raters”, such as MSCI and S&P, Science Based Targets Initiative and Task Force on Climate related Financial Disclosure (TCFD).

Further ESG Guidance

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