Investing in Carbon Projects to Accelerate Climate Action

31st October 2023

To reach global net zero targets, organisations must take action to avoid and reduce their negative climate impact as much as possible by 2030. But this is not enough. As agreed in the latest IPCC reports and the last two climate agreements, business leaders must invest in certified, verified carbon projects now, to address the emissions they are producing, accelerate progress to near-term carbon targets and support the restoration of biodiversity and nature. With recent discussions around the integrity of some carbon projects, the pressure to ensure the credibility of these credits has become critical.

This webinar looked at:

  • The role of credible carbon credits in a robust net zero strategy.
  • How organisations can invest in a high-quality portfolio of credible carbon projects to minimise the reputational risks of carbon credit investments.
  • Examples of how large, multi-national organisations are utilising carbon credits to increase their positive impact on the planet and allow them to confidently communicate their climate actions.