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Female entrepreneurs from Barcelona receive training in sustainability through the C40 network

September 14, 2020 | News,

C40 is a global network that brings together some of the world’s largest cities, including Barcelona, that are committed to mitigating and adapting to climate change through collaboration and promoting meaningful, measurable, and sustainable actions. The network is organized into different programs and initiatives to facilitate the transfer and exchange of knowledge and to support the development of local initiatives and projects. Among these programs is Women4Climate (W4C), which aims to empower and inspire the next generation of climate leaders through a global mentoring program dedicated to women in cities across the C40 network.

The Barcelona City Council, with its ambition of promoting female leadership in the fight against climate change, is active in the Women4Climate Program.

The city of Barcelona has various programs, mainly promoted by Barcelona Activa, to promote women leadership. Likewise, sustainability has become a fundamental business competitiveness tool, given the growing demand of responsible consumers and the great challenges that all economic sectors must face, climate change being the greatest of them.

The Barcelona City Council, aware of the importance of sustainability in the business sector and as a key to achieve a better world for all, have joined with W4C to propose incorporating this aspect in entrepreneurial projects. Success is assured if additional support is added to a specialized group, such as women who have a great capacity and creativity to lead high-value initiatives. This is how and why a personalized coaching program on sustainability issues was created.

Anthesis Lavola has individually advised 19 female entrepreneurs on issues such as the circular economy, carbon management and sustainable building certification.

Anthesis Lavola has been responsible for supporting this process and the W4C program in Barcelona from April to May 2020. In total, we have been fortunate to advise 19 entrepreneurs and 13 projects in sectors of activity as diverse as fashion and textiles, e-commerce, food, provision of technical services, and public awareness.

Each project has received specialized and individual advice on key sustainability aspects, identified by the entrepreneurs, for the business. For this, Anthesis Lavola has made available a team of expert consultants in different sustainability topics: circular economy, carbon management and buildings energy certification.

The process included two individual sessions per project and a final report featuring the information provided during the coaching process and an action plan for the integration of the knowledge acquired. Due to individual advice, the sessions focused on the particularities of each project and its specific needs.


At Anthesis Lavola, we are proud to have been part of the Women4Climate initiative and to see how sustainability is part of innovative projects committed to the common good.

These are the projects of the women entrepreneurs that have been supported:


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