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How to Make the Supply Chain Sustainable [Spanish]

22 Sep 2021 | Event, Webinar,

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How to Make the Supply Chain Sustainable [Spanish]
22 September 2021| 4:00 p.m. CEST | 9:00 a.m. GMT-5

Nowadays, the supply chain and its maturity in sustainability is gaining great importance within organisations; both to increase the value of products or services, and to reduce the risk belonging to suppliers that could affect the organisations. In the implementation of sustainability in the supply chain, we take into account the creation of policies, strategies, risk analysis, as well as evaluation and communication systems, actions that mark a roadmap for the implementation of environmental and social points in the supply chain.

Anthesis Lavola will give you the step by step of the actions that your organisation could undertake to ensure sustainability along the supply chain, based on PDCA, ISO 20400:2017 and global initiatives around the supply chain.

This Webinar is presented by Anthesis Lavola in Spanish

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