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IPC Lab Report Data Exchange Task Group

22 Mar 2021 | Event,

Sessions at 9am-10:30am CT on Mar 2 and March 22

Jason Gooden, Executive Director at Anthesis co-chairs, along with JB Hollister of Apple, the IPC Lab Report Data Exchange Task Group which has 3 committee meetings at the IPC Apex Expo Event, the largest event for electronics in North America.

What is the IPC Apex expo

IPC is a global trade association dedicated to furthering the competitive excellence and financial success of its members, who are participants in the electronics industry. The IPC APEX EXPO attracts more than 9,000 professionals from 45 countries. From the industry’s leading technical conference and application-focused professional development courses, to the innovation-driven exhibit floor, year after year IPC APEX EXPO is packed with far-reaching ideas and insights.

More about the Labratory Declaration Standard

The IPC-1753 WAM 1 Laboratory Declaration Standard facilitates the exchange of laboratory chemical analysis reports between supply chain members. This standard includes a standardized laboratory report format and method to exchange the information. The need for this standard comes from requests for companies to provide laboratory data to show compliance with the RoHS Directive and other regulatory and customer requirements.

The data exchange format is specified as Extensible Markup Language (XML) and IPC-1753 relies on third party solution providers to provide software tools compatible with the standard. To view solution providers who are verified to report using the IPC-1753Am1, please visit the Verified Solution Provider Page.

The standard is supported by an XML schema and a data model, available from the link below.