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IPC Obsolete and Discontinued Product Task Group

5 Mar 2021 | Event,

March 5th, 1:30-3pm CT

Adam Wheeler, Associate Director at Anthesis, co-chairs the Obsolete and Discontinued Product Task Group (IPC Committee 2-15F) and will be leading their session on the topic of end of life management.

What is the IPC Apex expo

IPC is a global trade association dedicated to furthering the competitive excellence and financial success of its members, who are participants in the electronics industry. The IPC APEX EXPO attracts more than 9,000 professionals from 45 countries. From the industry’s leading technical conference and application-focused professional development courses, to the innovation-driven exhibit floor, year after year IPC APEX EXPO is packed with far-reaching ideas and insights.

More about the Obsolete and Discontinued Product Task Group

The IPC standard is being developed to support existing JEDEC Solid State Technology Association standards for Product Change Notification (J-STD-046) and Discontinuance (J-STD-048) by introducing a standard data exchange format to facilitate communication between supplier to distributor to contract manufacturer (CM) to original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The adoptions of a standardized data exchange it building upon the adoption of the current 175X series of IPC standards where adoption is increasing.

The task group is in the process of standardizing the data attributes for both product change notification and discontinuance and incorporating those into an XML scheme. Once complete, several example declarations from various companies will be used to test the validity of the XML schema.


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