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Lavola Launches New Design Portfolio

February 14, 2021 | News,
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Anthesis Lavola have designed and published a new website that showcases the team’s main projects; acting as a reference for future work.

Anthesis Lavola’s new design portfolio is now available online. The website presents a selection of projects carried out by the Communication and Design team, and serves to showcase the variety of projects that have been developed and the work done to achieve them. The site aims to be a space of reference and inspiration for future projects.

Visit the new portfolio

This new portfolio website provides a portal for Lavola to highlight their elegant work and achievements in this design space. The collection of projects provides a glance into the design capabilities of the team, to present to both existing and future prospects and everyone who may be interested and would like to learn more.

city infrastructure
City Infrastructure – BEIS

The broad range of projects, both in theme and format, showcases the variety of services provided by Anthesis Lavola

The website’s design has been intentionally structured to highlight its visual aspects, showing the projects and relevant communications graphically. The typology shown throughout the site further reinforces the variety found in the wide range of services offered by Anthesis.

The portfolio also serves to highlight the enormous variety of formats that the Lavola team work with: from webpage infographics and videos to comprehensive and visually stunning sustainability reports. In this way, the team are showing the catalogue of options that allows them to adapt to the needs of those visiting the website.

Access the Portfolio website here

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