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Digital Sustainability Solutions

From imagination to implementation

Technology has never been more important to business than it is today. It touches nearly every facet of operations and helps companies to comply with regulations. Increasingly, it allows businesses to peer into the future to spot emerging trends and challenges, securing competitive advantage by anticipating and adapting to them.

Technology can have positive impact on a wide array of issues within your business, including:

  • Process automation
  • Data analytics
  • Systems adoption
  • Continuous quality improvement

What we do

Anthesis can design, deliver and augment your IT capability and drive outstanding results within your organisation.

We bring the end-to-end software and technology package from strategy, implementation and management of change, to support and even steady state outsourced operations. We’re a long term partner with a true stake in the process as your continued success is closely coupled with ours. Each member of our team is a technical expert capable of delivering the goods and solving your problems.

Scatter dashboard

SCATTER provides a range of visual, easy-to-understand emission scenarios up to 2050.


SCATTER, which stands for Setting City Area Targets and Trajectories for Emissions Reduction, is a user-friendly interactive website that is free to local authorities in the UK. Built to help local authorities address climate change, it allows them to assess, report on and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced in their area, without the need to commit significant resources to collecting data.

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vastum logo


Vastum is Anthesis’ digital waste tracking tool. The free-to-use system aims to digitally record all waste movements, tracking waste from the producer to its final destination and fate, so helping to reduce waste crime. It is being developed after securing funding from the GovTech Catalyst competition in 2018 and has the potential to change the face of resource management in the UK.

Civi waste Lavola


CIVIwaste is a mobile app and web application to help local authorities transform and improve their public services through citizen responsibility and incentives. Citizens can register and record their actions in regards to recycling and disposal, receive recommendations from the city council, obtain discounts and bonuses and report waste crime.

Local authorities can use the app to:

  • Collect data to measure results and progress.
  • Learn about the actions carried out and introduce improvements with no added cost.
  • Apply it to collection systems with containers or door-to-door systems.

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Product sustainability graph


Our partner tool, Footprinter, is the leading technology platform for enterprise sustainability. Customers use Footprinter to expand the scope, reach and impact of their sustainability programs. It is hosted on the cloud and was inspired by the potential of big data.

The tool allows users to:

  • Create powerful management dashboards that visualise sustainability performance at the product, business unit or global level.
  • Collect, track and analyse sustainability data from across operations.
  • Introduce sustainability metrics early in the product design process.

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Clean CO2

Clean CO2 corporate – a carbon management tool that allows companies and events to calculate, offset and reduce their carbon footprint. It accompanies users throughout the process of neutralizing their company’s activities and greenhouse gas emissions, helping them to achieve carbon neutrality by investing in projects to reduce emissions, such as energy efficiency, renewable energies, and carbon sinks.

Clean CO2 product – Online software tool based in LCA methodology for companies that want to assess the impact of their products by themselves and automatically obtain its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


ItinerApp is an educational app designed to take learning beyond the conventional approaches. It can be used during activities and engagement sessions to share videos, photos, real-time multiple choice questions and augmented reality experiences. As each learning experience is different, ItinerApp can be adapted to for all types of projects and spaces, as well as all types of audiences.

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Anthesis Compliance Data Collection is a free spreadsheet-based tool designed to alleviate the common barriers to efficient data exchange and promote reuse of declarations across the supply chain. The tool facilitate data capture and conversion between industry standard formats including IEC 62474, IPC 1752 v1.1 and IPC 1752A. ACDC is IPC1752A certified.



RiskHorizon is used in the investment due diligence process. The purpose made tool helps legal advisors, investors, finance professionals and deal makers to identify the material ESG risks and opportunities at an early stage of the deal cycle and take full account of the relevant issues throughout the transaction life cycle. It is a ground-breaking, cost-effective, web-based tool spanning millions of data points from more than 175 countries, covering 30+ global risks  – economic, environmental, technical, social and geo-political.

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cool farm tool

Cool Farm Tool

The Cool Farm Tool is an online greenhouse gas calculator that offers farmers worldwide a simple, free way to measure the environmental impact of their crops and livestock. With a user-friendly format and access to the latest carbon science and data, it helps farmers to understand where their emissions hotspots are and assess different scenarios for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving their resource efficiency. It was developed into an online calculator by Anthesis for the Cool Farm Alliance, a not-for-profit organisation helping millions of growers globally to reduce their environmental impact.

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Activator Hubs

Activator Hubs are secure online platforms with flexible configurations to meet a wide range of collaboration purposes. Whether you’d like to conduct trainings to build capacity in your supply chain, or facilitate peer-to-peer learning within an industry group, Anthesis Activator Hubs can enable the communication and resource-sharing needed. Anthesis can also provide content and community management on your Hub to drive sustainability goals forward.
Hubs features include: discussion forums, file-sharing, interest groups, event scheduling, surveys, and more.
Homepage of Tesco Network

Tesco Supplier Network — an Activator Hub case study

The Tesco Supplier Network is available to over 10,000 suppliers worldwide. This Activator Hub connects suppliers to Tesco and to each other in order to promote stronger relationships and aid collaboration, spreading innovation and best practice across Tesco’s global supply chain. The Hub provides suppliers with instant notifications on the latest insights and updates from industry. Users can read, watch and download resources from Tesco on issues including energy, food waste and innovation, as well as sign up for webinars, site visits and conferences.

Read the TSN Case Study

WRAP Cost Benefit Tool

Our downloadable tool, developed for WRAP, is aimed at food waste collectors and processors who are working jointly. It helps them to weigh up the costs and benefits of simple, low cost measures that research has shown can increase the amount of household food waste collected for recycling, such as providing bin stickers and caddy liners. It was developed as part of the Food Waste Recycling Action Plan, a cross-industry initiative to increase both the supply and quality of household and commercial food waste available for recycling.

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Geographic Information Systems

Satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems, which is used extensively in arid and semi-arid environments for infrastructure planning as well as locating water and mineral resources. Geospatial analysis, map viewers, cartographic dashboards, story maps, and all sort of customized GIS based online applications for geographical data visualization and analysis.

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