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How Finance Can Help Deliver Mandatory Sustainability Reporting


Mandatory sustainability reporting is now coming to the forefront of the minds of sustainability practitioners and others within the business, including CFOs and their teams. This whitepaper sets out our model of where we believe a Finance Function can add the most value in relation to mandatory sustainability reporting.


How Offsetting Fits Into Your Climate Strategy


This whitepaper provides an introduction to carbon offsetting. It explains what offsetting it is, why it’s necessary, what the role of the Voluntary Carbon Market is and how reliable carbon credits are. A first step on how offsetting fits into your climate strategy.


How Nature-Based Solutions will Solve our Climate Change Challenges


Nature-based solutions work with nature to address societal challenges, providing benefits for both human well-being and biodiversity.


The EU CSRD Legislation and How It Will Affect You


On November 10, 2022, the European Parliament voted ‘YES’ to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) proposal. The law will bring sustainability reporting much closer to the discipline and fidelity of financial reporting and significantly impact which sustainability data will be published, how that will be collected, and which processes need to be in place to […]


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