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Business Carbon Offsetting

Offsetting emissions is the core to sustainability efforts in almost any organisation

Our carbon offsetting management tool, Clean CO2, works with internationally recognised carbon market verification methodologies and standards.

What is Carbon Offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is the action of neutralising the amount of CO2 emissions admitted by a person, company or organisation when carrying out an activity.

The importance of offsetting for businesses

Climate Finance, including carbon offsetting, is at the heart of the ‘invest’ part of Anthesis’ Net Zero Framework. Every organisation has a carbon footprint, i.e. contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and should be actively driving towards reducing its size. Once you’ve reduced your organisation’s carbon footprint, offsetting is the way to take full responsibility for your residual emissions.

This can be achieved by investing economically in offsetting carbon footprint projects; projects which combat climate change and compensate for the organisations total impact. These projects may include, reforestation, renewable energy, methane capture and combustion to name a few and focus either on removing or avoiding carbon emissions.

Achieving a Net Zero or similar ambition requires businesses to review their approach to managing their existing carbon footprint and identifying opportunities for opting for cleaner energy, reduced emissions and offsetting the rest. Organisations need to carefully consider strategies for to ensuring maximum value from any climate finance investment. The market is awash with different investment options and an organisation needs to understand what investments are the best fit to ensure they align with their core objectives both now and in the future. Anthesis has delivered carbon offsetting and climate finance strategies for businesses and organisations globally, making sure they have a clear and resilient investment plan.

The drive for offsetting should focus on the overall Net Zero ambition, which is likely to be defined by a mix of investment and consumer expectation and a drive to deliver lasting sustainability performance and resilience in a business or organisation.

How to create a Carbon Offsetting strategy

Whether you are looking to reduce costs, improve efficiency, comply with legislation, or find a way to differentiate your brand, carbon offsetting is a key area to get to grips with. By focusing on neutralising their emissions, organisations can improve their corporation reputation with their commitment to sustainability.

Once a clear strategy is set investment choices need to be enacted. Anthesis has unique access to the market to ensure you access climate projects that truly align. We apply our combination of world-class expertise and CO2 offsetting software technology to make an Anthesis carbon offer that is unique. This symbiosis enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions while saving our clients significant time and money.

How we do it

  • Calculating an organisation’s baseline carbon footprint, using proven methodologies like ISO 14064, Greenhouse Gas Protocol, step 2050 and ISO 14067.
  • Developing coherent, feasible and suitably ambitious approaches that align with broader business objectives such as reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency and driving competitiveness.
  • This extends to evaluating organisation events and helping them neutralise greenhouse gas emissions and reducing their climate change impact.
  • Offsetting unavoidable CO2 emissions through the purchase of high-quality carbon credits and using our carbon management tool, RouteZero.
  • Communicating and positioning low-carbon business initiatives adopted to achieve differentiation from competitors whilst attaining high quality carbon offsets.

Our carbon management tool, Clean CO2, works with internationally recognised carbon market verification methodologies and standards.

We can use our carbon management tool, Clean CO2, to help companies and events to offset and reduce their carbon footprint. The tool enables organisations to achieve high quality carbon offsets as it accompanies users throughout the process of neutralising their company’s activities and greenhouse gas emissions.


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Anthesis has been instrumental in helping us quantify our carbon footprint and understand where our biggest opportunities lie over the years. This long-term support has allowed us to reach carbon neutrality and maintain our status as the UK’s most ethical water brand – an essential part of what Belu stands for.

Nolan Wright
Head of Operations, Belu Water
Belu Water

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