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M&A and Transaction Support

Environmental issues have long been seen as a potentially material consideration during corporate and real estate transactions.

Traditionally, this has focused on qualifying liability risks such as land contamination and potential operational costs associated with Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) compliance.

More recently, the areas of interest have broadened, to include an organisation’s readiness to respond to climate change and other Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) challenges.

Our clients increasingly seek to identify ESG-related opportunities, and on the sell side, we support more focused efforts to prepare businesses for sale and to highlight their ESG credentials and the accompanying narrative.

No longer are assets or companies and their direct operational impacts considered solely in isolation, but increasingly the impact of their value chain and the impact of the environment upon the asset / company operations must also be considered

The Anthesis transaction services team understands the process, pace, and language of transactions

The team has decades of experience working with both acquirers and vendors across M&A and real estate transactions. That experience spans pre-sale, the transaction process and post transaction phases, and working for both corporate clients and investors.

See our ESG Services for Private Equity

Anthesis has also applied its transactions understanding to the evaluation of other transaction types, such as investments in listed equities and debt and, combined with our ESG strategy expertise, to pre-IPO support to businesses.

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