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New Guidance for Authority-Based Insetting: Driving Local Action

24 Nov 2021 | Event, Webinar,

In this webinar, we looked at: 

  • The dilemma of traditional offsetting and insetting approaches for local authorities 
  • What Authority-Based Insetting (ABI) is and the opportunity it provides 
  • An overview of the ABI framework and how it can be applied by local authorities 
  • Insight into how ABI has been tested with local authorities  


New guidance for Authority-Based Insetting: Driving local action

Wednesday 24 November 2021 | 11am – 12 noon GMT

Over the past year, Anthesis has been collaborating with UK local authorities to develop guidance on how to implement Authority-Based Insetting (ABI). This alternative to traditional offsetting is a mechanism for local authorities to stimulate greater investment in local carbon-saving projects and help reduce emissions across their borough. Listen back to the launch of the new guidance to hear how local authorities can use the new innovative concept to drive local action.

Watch the recording:

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