James Ewell

Sustainable Chemistry Contributor, North America

James is our Sustainable Chemistry Practice Lead in North America who helps clients to gain transparency on the chemicals used in their supply chains, identify chemicals of concern and optimize product composition for human and environmental health. He supports brands and their suppliers to collect, assess and communicate important information about the substances they use, and has worked with renowned corporate clients including Herman Miller, Ford Motor Co., Proctor & Gamble, Seventh Generation, Shaw Industries, Victor Group, Energizer and Replenish.

Prior to his role at Anthesis, James was the Senior Director of GreenBlue’s Sustainable Materials program, responsible for managing the development and practical implementation of its sustainable materials management framework. James had oversight for all of GreenBlue’s tools, particularly CleanGredients and the development of Material IQ.

James was also part of the core team that authored the Chemical Management Module for the Outdoor Industry Association, which was integrated into the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higg Index.